Throwback Thursday? Or Something?

Yes, “or something”. I know, I know, it’s not the most creative post title I’ve ever come up with; but that’s why I have you! And coffee. But mostly you.

Thanks to a brilliant friend of mine, I was recently reintroduced to an old favourite television show, and thanks to the magic of the internet, I very quickly got lost in a recursive loop and got all caught up on a whole bunch of episodes.

Matt Smith Doctor Who

Matt Smith approves of this blog post.

Has that ever happened to you? You get reacquainted with an old love (fictional characters or old favourite songs if you’re me; though maybe for you it’s recipes or retro fashion trends) and time just seems to fly by and stop altogether at the same time? It’s such a neat experience; I feel like my beloved Doctor would approve.

I wanted to keep that feeling going here with you today, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. So I thought I’d go pour myself another cup of coffee and leave things in your creative and capable hands! What do you think? Should we take a little trip down memory lane?

Maybe we could feature retro selections of My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard of once every few weeks? Or maybe we should do something similar to last year’s Pointless Nostalgic Countdown and talk about childhood memories? Or something else amazing that I haven’t even thought of?

Let me know what you want to see by taking this quick poll and leaving your suggestions in the Comments. You can vote as many times as you’d like and share whatever flashes of brilliance you may have.

Me, I haven’t had enough caffeine to be brilliant yet. All I know is, between talking about Sweet Valley High and singing along to “Final Frontier” this week, I’m in the mood to go a little vintage … and I’d love it if you came along!

love amb

33 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday? Or Something?

  1. heehee–I’m here at launch 🙂 and I’m here because I’ve been downing the caffeine all day. Will pay for this eventually, but have all sorts of energy to enjoy your post. You know I’m all over retro as I seem to be retro myself here amongst all you young bloggers 😉

    Have told you before, but you could talk about car engines and it’d be a fun read. But retro sounds good. And if you need any help with those retro food posts, I’m here. Happy Thurs!

    • Retro is cool! Retro is in! We love retro!!

      Hi Liz! Hope you had a good rest of the night and were able to (eventually) get some sleep. I have all kinds of caffeine around here if you need more later 😉

      Thank you for your kind words re: car engines, that’s so nice to hear! Perhaps I’ll use our vintage theme to explore some new topics that I don’t usually cover around here … hmmm …

      Speaking of new topics, yes please to the retro food post! Could definitely use your menu expertise around here 🙂 Oooh, perhaps now will be the time to get you and Diddy to whip something up … might the two of you feel like hosting a vintage cocktail party? With some old school food and tunes? Oh, I like this idea. I’ll get my thoughts organized and give you two a shout, for sure. 😀

      • I just cringe when I see ’80s fashions, etc coming back in because that was my era and have heard that if you wore it the first time, you’re too old to wear it again. Which makes me kind of old 😦 The word “retro” is fun though, yes.

        don’t need coffee yet, but maybe later thanks. Seem to be going through a phase where I have endless energy. ?? Maybe my body is finally trained for less sleep? More likely I’ll have a big crash at some point. Part of it is major enthusiasm for a potential new project. No one has made any promises yet, but this would be big and be a major coup for deLiz. Got all dressed up for a CW meeting yesterday and seeing as how I was only there for an hour, I found it a major rush. (Now if I was there all day everyday like you, I would not be so enthused.)

        You know I’m up for any retro food consulting—wouldn’t even charge you 😉 Remember this: And you’ve recently experience my awesome party co-hosting talents (double 😉 this time!), so I’m in if diddy is willing to go that route. It’ll be an interesting balance–don’t envy your job setting us up!

      • Liz!! I am so excited for you and deLiz – how awesome!! I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you and hoping that you’ll tell me all about it when there’s something to tell. This is wonderful!

        Jealous of your energy surge – if you figure out how this works, tell me please? Or better yet, tell Dave and get him to make some sort of formula – you could bottle it and make millions!

        Appreciate the retro consulting offer and will definitely be taking you up on that. As for setting up you and Diddy, don’t worry, I have a plan! The blueprint will be in place and then the two of you can just go to town.

    • ME TOO. Most definitely. It’s a very necessary part of my morning routine! But you make it sound so wonderful … I remember you wrote an awesome poem on that very topic …

    • Hi apartmentwife! Thanks so much for stopping by! I definitely have some fun stories, so it’s wonderful to hear that other folks would be interested in them 😀

  2. Retro, childhood, any, all. No matter what you choose, I know it will be great!

    Love that you got into the spiral of old Mad About You episodes – and yes, the friend of yours who got you on that merry-go-round, she’s indeed brilliant! Do I know her? 🙂


  3. I kind of agree. Pointless nostalgic childhood memories would be great. Then the amb historians among us can speculate as to how your magnificence developed 🙂

    • If you stop by it will be fun for sure 😀

      I know, I know, that was good, but Dave’s line was better. He’s the smooth one, for sure!

  4. That happened with me during last winter. I remember surfing YouTube and found an old episode of Hogan’s Heroes. If you don’t know the show it’s ’cause it aired in the 60’s and I grew up watching it. I couldn’t believe the whole episode was on there for everyone to see! Well, one episode let to another, which led to another, which…well, you know. Pretty soon, over the course of a month I watch every single episode available on YouTube. There were 200 episodes! I tell you, Amb, the feeling I got from watching those old shows…it was like going back in time to my childhood. I didn’t want the feeling to go away!

    • I’ve heard of Hogan’s Heroes, but I’ve never watched it. But I can absolutely relate to the feeling of finding something you grew up with on youtube and loving it all over again! That happened to Shutterbug Sis and I when we found episodes of Boy Meets World online – and we didn’t want the feeling to go away either! It was just wonderful, we felt like we were kids all over again 😀

  5. I’m the frumpy ole stick in the wet blanket who voted “No, I think you’ve got enough going on here already!” but as usual I didn’t read the instructions closely. I thought there was no need for a new feature and you could just add retro shows to what you’re already doing with tv shows.

    But (forehead slap) that’s what you meant: “Maybe we could feature retro selections of My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard of once every few weeks?”


    With a few exceptions, I’m pretty much all retro all the time over at my place.

    But for the great Yoot Oob there is now “old” or “new.” Everything exists in the magnificent and multitudinous Now.

    Just an operational question: What makes Mad About You retro as opposed to something like Friends? What is the cut-off date that makes a show retro?

    • Diddy, my darling, you’re not a frump. I talk so much that it’s a wonder my words don’t get missed more often! And yes, you figured it out exactly – next Thursday’s edition of “My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of” will feature a show from way back when, rather than something new 😀

      That’s a great operational question! I suppose I don’t think of Friends as retro because it still seems so current to me. Shutterbug and I always joke that you can apply a Friends episode to just about any real life situation. But you’re right, I’ll have to form some clarifying language around the word “retro” and any related terms when I kick things off on Monday … hmmm ….

  6. My boys are currently obsessed with “Friends” and “The Brady Bunch”. I love that we can share these favourites of mine. I still think the one where Ross gets a triple tan is the funniest one….

    • Yes!!!

      Ross: I went to that tanning place your wife suggested
      Chandler: Was that place … the SUN?!?!?

      Oh, I love that episode so much!! Definitely one of my favourites too … how fun that you’re now able to share it with your boys!

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