The One with Amb at the Airport

Congratulations to Kate and William and Happy Birthday plus one day to the Little Royal Dude!

I love that the future head of the British monarchy, (not to mention the guy that will probably end up on my country’s coins someday), was born while we’re we’re all living in the past this week.

During last week’s Throwback Thursday? Or Something? poll, a number of you expressed interest in hearing about some of the adventures yours truly had growing up. Wonderfuls, you know I’m more than happy to oblige.

This is a favourite story of mine, in large part because in telling it, I learned about the power there is in turning personal embarrassment into comedy gold, and about how great it feels to entertain people and know they’re laughing right there with you.

The One with Amb at the Airport

When I was fifteen, my parents took Shutterbug Sis and me to Hawaii for spring break. It was exactly as wonderful as it sounds. The skies were blue and cloudless, the water was warm and clear, and our favourite place to go for dinner was a restaurant called “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”. By the end of our trip, I was ready to head back to the tenth grade with a killer tan and stories of deep, soulful eye contact made with Hawaiian boys from across the beach.

sign to cheeseburgers in paradise restaurant

The flight home was as smooth as the rest of the trip had been. Everything was fine until we got to the baggage claim at the Toronto airport.

Now, despite the fact that I can successfully convince people I’m a grown up for five days a week in Corporate World, at fifteen I was not quite as organized as I am now. Particularly when it came to things like packing a suitcase. Particularly when it came to things like packing a suitcase at the end of a trip when you know you’re going to be washing everything when you get home anyway, and you’d so much rather be going through all of the complimentary postcards in your hotel room, because you can so totally make awesome cases for your brand new mixed cds with them!

postcard from hawaii

As long as everything you came with makes it back into your suitcase, right?

Now that I’m older and wiser, I know the correct version of that sentence is actually, “as long as everything you came with stays in your suitcase”.

My suitcase was an older one, and in fact, a couple of the outside pockets had small tears in them, which were patched with duct tape.

… You all know where this is going, right?

Shutterbug Sis and I were standing at the carousal, waiting for our bags to come around, when a hot pink bra suddenly came hurtling down the conveyer belt. “Wow, that’s embarrassing … for someone else” I thought. “At least they have cute taste in lingerie, though”.

pink bra

The matching underwear soon followed.

By the time the very not-cute sweat socks and old pajama shirts made an appearance, it dawned on me that these wayward items were actually mine, and that maybe there was a reason my mom had said to put all of my dirty laundry in the bottom of my suitcase.

The pink bra, meanwhile, having completed its fourth rotation, had been scooped up by Shutterbug, so I couldn’t even take credit for it while I was chasing down the rest of my clothes.

It was just me and my sweat socks. And the entire crew and passenger list of a Boeing 747.

At least I had a killer tan, though.

Well, there you have it. Once you’ve sufficiently recovered, remember to like and comment today’s post for your contest entries, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a Retro-licious Wordful Wednesday.

love amb

48 thoughts on “The One with Amb at the Airport

    • Oh, I’ve been there too, my friend. I wore a uniform in high school, and l discovered that no matter how paranoid you are about it, you’re guaranteed to leave the bathroom with kilt tucked into your boxer shorts at least once. It’s, like, science or something.

      What high school taught me: the importance of always having cute boxers 🙂

  1. Good one, amb! Good story and really well told!

    I don’t want to talk about my horrible embarassments because unlike you I don’t look back positively, but just shudder with mortification. But I can paste in the great Diary of a Wimpy Kid II scene instead!

    Side question: Girls wear boxer shorts??

    • Well thank you very much! I’ve told this one a few times over the years – usually when one of my girlfriends was going through some boy-related trauma and needed a distraction 🙂

      To answer your side question – yup, they do when they want an extra layer between their upper thighs and their kilt! 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I looked cute in a uniform, but that wool is itchy, man!

  2. LOL….that made me laugh and I needed that this morning! What a great story…Which I had never heard before! Those moms…always right even though we NEVER thought they were at that age!

    • I’m glad I could make you laugh this morning!! Also glad that you hadn’t heard this one before – I couldn’t remember if I’d told it to you already or not. (We talk about so much sometimes it’s hard to keep track 🙂 )

  3. Firstly, that is a really cute bra. But oh the mortification with you being so young and all. Though SS was helpful instead of making fun. Very nice. Did your mom have a big I Told You So for you? Great story–good to have those on hand for sure.

    Now for snacktime: I brought popsicles 🙂 Gin-and-cucumber and nonalcoholic grape or orange. And also lots of paper towels as they can get drippy.

    Speaking of popsicles: I saw your pretty little face over at BoFN, but you haven’t said a thing! Are you feeling ok? Dave, Rob, and Arto are all over there hanging out with me and you are not there!! It feels weird.

    Hope you are having a great day with minimal embarrassing moments. 🙂

    • Mom was great about it too, actually. She just kind of shook her head at me. My dad, meanwhile, pretended he didn’t know any of us. I’m sure he was thinking, “this would never happen if I was traveling with boys!” My poor dad – even the dog we had growing up was a girl! He was surrounded! 🙂

      Thank you for the popsicles!!! Gin and cucumber sounds absolutely fabulous. We’ll be chatting more later about food for sure 🙂

      I just got back from my dr’s appointment, so you’ll see my pretty little face over at BoFN shortly! You know I wouldn’t miss one of your posts!!!

      • lol you’re dad. That is where Larry is as he has a wife, two daughters, and a female cat. No wonder he enjoys wine so 😉

        I knew you’d been over to BoFN, but was shocked Dave et al were there and you hadn’t said a thing. But right, the dr’s appt. Will look for your shiny and glowing skin while I’m over there chatting with the boys. Though first must pick up daughter #1 from Camp SkyZone. Wheeeeee!

    • That’s it exactly – literally parading around. In front of everyone. *facepalm* I’m so glad you came by to share in the fun today Laura Beth!

  4. Amb –

    First of all, love ‘little royal dude’! Perfect!

    And, you just crack me up, but I too love that bra – sassy! What a GREAT story and can only just imagine that you must have turned all shades of that color in the moment. I would have wished for the floor to open up and eat me. I’d handle it with much fun nowadays tho…

    I bet the baggage crew still remember that day!

    • Thanks Bon! I thought it seemed appropriate 🙂

      I’m so glad you liked the post – I had so much fun reliving every cringe-worthy moment. You’re so right, I have a whole new attitude now that I didn’t have then 🙂

    • John!! I haven’t seen you in ages! So glad you’re here.

      Yes, knock on wood indeed. I’m sure with the amount of traveling you do, you have some airport stories of your own 🙂

      • Have not been around much lately. Some vacation, a bit of a break and a sad personal issue has kept me away from the keyboard since May sometime, with only occasional spurts and no time to visit many blogs. Back now for a bit and looking to make up lost time lol.

      • I’m so sorry to hear about the sad personal issue. Sending you a virtual hug (or a virtual cocktail, or both, if you’d like!) My virtual door is always open if you’re looking for a place to get away and decompress a bit.

      • Alaska was the decompress. More for Lori than me. Her mom passed on at 93. It was a terminal case and she was with her for the last couple of months before she passed. Different city though which presented some difficulties. All us good now though so thanks for the the kind words.

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  6. Love me some Hawaii! Always wanted to go there, always wanted to be part of the sand there! Gah, I need another vacation!!!

    Er, uhm, no comment on the bra and panties. 😉

    • I hear you on needing a vacation! I just got back from one and I’m ready to go again! And seeing Hawaii again would be about seven kinds of fabulous. Well, a girl can dream!

      LOL! Probably the right call 😉

  7. Wow wow wow. Can’t believe I missed this one. What a story! I’ve never seen that happen anywhere. You’re one of a kind, Amb! 🙂 🙂

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