Wordful Wednesday for July 31, 2013

Good morning! It’s the middle of the week; how is everybody feeling? Like it’s a short trip to the weekend? Or like you’ve got an entire week and a half to get through before Friday arrives?

In my little corner of the world, it’s a bit of both – time is in a weird state for me right now. A national program is about to launch in Corporate World, and my team is handling all of its communications. From coast to coast! And guess which team member is running point on the program’s website and blog?!

(I’ll give you a hint. It’s the one who blogs in her spare time, too).

We go live tomorrow morning, and I can’t decide if I want time to slow down, so I can re-read and revise content for the seven hundred and forty-sixth time, or speed up, so that it can be Thursday evening and I can have my seven hundred and forty-sixth  – I mean, my second – dirty martini.

What I need is to just dive in, headfirst, into tomorrow, and be confident about how things will unfold. Luckily, there’s a word for that!

Today’s word is impavid: fearless, intrepid, bold

In other words …

Me. Tomorrow. Hopefully!

When was the last time you were impavid? Tell me all about it in the Comments (and wish me luck tomorrow!)

love amb

PS: For those of you keeping score at home, that’s one down,  six hundred and ninety-nine to go.

23 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for July 31, 2013

  1. big word for a big shooter, amb 🙂 So that’s what you’ve been busy with in CW! Do you write content for their blog? If so, what kind? Am sure you’re not posting pictures of Henry et al 😉

    Impavid, you say? I don’t really see that in myself, though I also don’t see myself afraid of much. But less because I’m bold and more because stuff needs to be done. And as you’ll read in my next blog post, my dear friend Ann gave me great advice about facing fears. (yes, marketing myself shamelessly in your comment section. Aren’t you proud of me?)

    Wishing you all the luck in the world with the go-live. It will work splendidly, I know this 🙂 Enjoy that martini. And I have made a batch of celery simple syrup (2 stalks celery, chopped and boiled with 3/4 cup each water and sugar until sugar is dissolved; strain) because I read it went well in G&Ts. Can bring that over, too. Congrats, amb. Job well done!

    • Yes, exactly! I do a lot of technical writing too (training materials etc) but handling the blog for this particular sales program is a big part of my day to day … at least when the program is up and running 😉

      I love that you just power through and get done whatever needs to get done – that’s impavid to me! Lots of folks would just get overwhelmed by it all and do nothing, I bet. And yes, am totally loving the shameless self-promotion you’ve got going on! Keep it up!!

      Thank you so much for the good wishes – and the celery syrup! Oh man, that sounds fabulous !!! Come on over 😀

  2. Gooooood luck cousin!! We are all rooting for you! But do you really need luck?? I don’t think so!

    I will be impavid (or try to be) on Aug 6th as I have an interview that day :s

    • Aww, thank you ❤

      You don't need luck either !!! You will be about seven kinds of awesome, I just know it !!! I am so excited for you 😀

    • Big guns and big eyelashes – I find loading up on the mascara gives me confidence. Does it do that for anyone else? No? Just me? 😉 Thanks Princess!!

  3. be bold. be fearless. if anyone had that as a company slogan, they should just change it to “impavid”. it’s both efficient and to the point. and i could do with some more impavid on my end too. breathe!

    • YES!! Actually, WE should start a company, call it impavid, and take over the world. Right?!? Meanwhile, I’ll keep breathing if you will … Friday will get here eventually!

    • Let’s! And then once it’s over you can take a vacation …to Toronto!!! (see what I did there? 😉 ) I’m crossing my fingers for you this week – keep me posted.

    • Don’t thank me, thank Andrew. He’s going to be responsible for a few hundred more like that one 🙂

      Thank you!! I will remember that, for sure. Oxygen definitely helps in these situations!

    • Thanks bunches Dianne! You’re one of mine too !! Considering all the critters and construction and everything else you deal with, you’re all kinds of impavid! 🙂

  4. I don’t know if I’ve ever had an impavid moment in my life, said the man in the phobia encrusted toga. So any word on my retro prize? I keep checking my email, but no words. Sadness…

  5. Awesome word! I need some seven kinds of impavid in my corner, that is for sure! You, on the other hand are definitely impavid. You so have this project!

    I find it humorous that spell check doesn’t even know this word! Let me know when you are two sips into that martini and I will raise a glass for you and with you!


    • Thank you my friend!! Your confidence in me means so much!!

      And I’m with you – pulling a fast one on spellcheck cracks me the heck up 🙂

    • Aww, Jenn !!! You’re making me blush! Thank you so much – between that comment and the gorgeous photos you recently posted on your blog, you just made my morning 🙂

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