My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: A Preview

Well, my friends, today is the big day … and today’s Favourite Television Show is too good to talk about when I’m seeing program rules and regulations in my sleep.

So since I’m being all business today, we’ll keep things totally calm and cool and professional here, too:

You guys !!! They’re making one of my Favourite Television Shows You’ve Never Heard Of

into a movie !!!!

These aren’t sleep-deprivation-induced exclamation marks; this is, like, big news, Wonderfuls. Huge! This television show is probably one that you actually haveย heard of; in fact, you might have even heard about it on the newsย . That’s because funding for the “Veronica Mars” movie was done on Kickstarter, and the movie is being filmed this summer thanks to the passion, generosity, and enthusiasm of fans.

Veronica Mars

I am one such oh-so-enthusiastic fan, and we’ll be talking about the show in more detail next week. For now, I’ll just say that I think Veronica Mars is one of the feistiest, funniest, and most fabulous female characters ever seen on television, and I’ll leave you with this video (which is maybe not quite totally safe for work):

Come back tomorrow for a special dedication on WoW Friday!

love amb

26 thoughts on “My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: A Preview

  1. I watched that once in while when it was on, but they’ve made such a big deal about this movie with the whole Kickstarter campaign, that I might need to see it. Of course, the leading lady is quite easy on the eyes, so that helps… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ” For now, Iโ€™ll just say that I think Veronica Mars is one of the feistiest, funniest, and most fabulous female characters ever seen on television . . .”

    When I see alliteration like that, the only thing I can think is . . .

    AMB BLURB!!!

    “. . . feisty and fierce . . .”

    “. . . ferociously fun, unforgettable . . .”

    ” . . . amb has raised the teaser to an art form . . .”

    “Amb’s kickstarter post fights dirty. It not only kicks but punches, bites, hair pulls, and wrestles us to the ground. What can we do but cry ‘Uncle!’?”

    ” . . . rambunctious and rowdy. Two thumbs up!”

  3. More to add to my to-see list. Sounds like a good one. Yet another show to obsessively catch up to? Hope today goes really really well for you. Please report back on the launch! Wouldn’t be WBS without exclamation points. I think I will start counting: 8 today ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The catching up on this one won’t be too bad, since there were only three seasons. Not like trying to catch up on Doctor Who ๐Ÿ™‚

      Launch went well, overall. There were a couple of frustrating moments, but the balance is tipped toward success on this one, I think. I’m really proud of how the site looks!!

      LOL that you’re counting the exclamation marks around here !!! I love it !!!! Thank you times a million for all of your encouragement this week Liz!

      • so glad if it was a success! Is this an industry or consumer website? Ten !s in the comment (though it would be much higher if I counted everyone’s) for a total of 18 for Thurs.

        Hope you had a great evening in those pajama pants. Congratulations and kudos on all of the hard work.

    • Isn’t it though?! I think it’s so neat how our entertainment experiences are becoming more and more communal and collaborative as technology evolves … on the other hand, what a lot of pressure for the writer/director! Knowing that over 90 000 people are personally invested in this movie … eeek!

  4. Ok, I am in. Totally. Like Liz said. And yes,I have to add to my must see because Amb told me to list! You think my boss will understand when I take a few days off to catch up on tv shows? Probably not. Oh, who needs sleep?! I love projects like this and the trailer, looks, well, just awesome. on to other matters…it’s Thursday afternoon in your world and I am dying to know…how did the launch go and how much longer before that martini is in your hands?! I am sure it all went fabulous, but want to hear the relief in your words! xo

    • I can’t remember what super long and awesome sounding acronym we came up with for shows that I’m making you give up sleep to watch, but I am so glad this one is getting added to the list !!! It’s just so fun, and smart … and fun.

      It’s Thursday evening in my world now, and I’m curled up on the couch in pajama pants and feeling oh-so-relieved. Overall, I’d say things went pretty well! We’re still missing content from some of our contributors, so there are a couple more “Coming Soon!” banners on pages than I would like, but other than that, it’s looking good! Plus I feel like I brushed up on my HTML coding, which is a plus.

      Thanks bunches for all of your love and support this week my friend! Means so much !! xooox

      • *swoon* Is this martini drinking music, or what?!? Once I took out the spaces around the equals sign, Adam’s lovely face came up no problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Bon! This is exactly what I need to unwind tonight. xooox

  5. I’ve seen this show all over the place, but never really watched it. I do like the actress in it, though. But maybe ’cause I have a sweet spot for blondes. I think a lot of TV shows, good TV shows should be made into movies. The Sopranos would have been one of them. Alas, that isn’t possible anymore given James Gandolfini’s no longer with us. It would have been cool…

    • Kristen Bell is adorable, I think you’d really like this one!

      A Sopranos movie would have been way cool! Speaking of James Gandolfini, the very last film he worked on is going to be screening here at TIFF next month. It looks wonderful! I am going to see if I can snag some tickets.

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