What Happens When Amb Gets an Award

So EJ nominated me for The WordPress Family Award last week, and I must confess, my emotions are a bit mixed. On one

Thank you EJ!

Thank you EJ!

hand, I’m all sorts of flattered, considering the amazing company he keeps over on his blog. It’s quite a compliment to be included in that group! On the other hand, I’ve been batting my (virtual) eyelashes at the man quite a lot lately … so if he considers me “family”, then I must be losing my touch!

I’m teasing, of course, and am thrilled to bits to be nominated. I say over and over around here what a remarkable community this is, and the sentiment only becomes more and more true every time I say it. I love being here with all of you, I really, truly do.

Now, about this award. From what I can tell, the process is simple: the recipient only needs to pass the award along to ten other bloggers who they feel are deserving. But since I think you all deserve heaps of awards and all sorts of other lovely, shiny things, and since we all know that I never keep things simple when I can create a Broadway-worthy spectacle instead, here’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to play Family Feud !!!

Family Feud logo

(Get it? WordPress Family Award? Family Feud?! See what I did there?!?)

I’ve been doing a little digging around on my Statistics page, and have come up with some survey questions based onΒ  recent activity around here. Your job is to guess which posts or pages received the most hits, or “survey responses”, just like on the show. Remember, you can always use the “Search” bar and the Archives if you get stuck.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner

This could be you! Or … not. Sorry. I tried!

The three “families” who collect the highest number of survey responses will win my undying love and admiration, and bragging rights, of course. I asked the folks at Family Feud if they’d let me have one of their giant Publisher’s Clearing House cheques, but for some reason, they’re not returning my calls …

You’ll notice I said “families” earlier. You can use your name or blog handle when entering your answers, of course, but bonus points will be awarded to those who come up with appropriate family names. The name can be based on your blog content, or an aspect of your personality, or whatever you’d like. For instance, EJ enjoys refereeing soccer matches, and, um, me, so he might choose to be “The Refamber Family”, as a totally random example that I just happened to make up off the top of my head.

Is everybody ready? Let’s play!

Who has earned coveted bragging rights? Stay tuned – the winners will be announced later this week.

I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow with another Wordful Wednesday for you, although I won’t be around to chat until later in the day. One of my dearest friends from university is in town for a wedding, so we’ll be off sightseeing until dinnertime. But as always, feel free to chat amongst yourselves while I’m gone! And PS: I miss you all already.

love amb

14 thoughts on “What Happens When Amb Gets an Award

  1. that was fun πŸ™‚ now you can add game show host to your resume! Enjoy what sounds to be a fun week. Take that, CW! And congrats on the award. I see nothing amiss with EJ bringing you into his family πŸ˜‰

    • Yay! Fun is the goal around here, for sure. As for keeping up with my genius … um, wow. I tend to call it “time spent on the computer with too much caffeine” but, you know, “genius” works too πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much, my lovely!

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