Survey Says? You’re All Wonderful!

You guys! The new season of Franklin and Bash has started!!

Hi, boys! I missed you!

Hi, boys! I missed you!

That has nothing to do with anything we’re talking about today, mind you – it was just one of my earliest Favourite Television Shows You’ve Never Heard Of, and I’m really excited that it’s back. And I wanted to, you know, share the exclamation marks!!!

So what are we talking about today, then? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. It’s time to announce the winners of last week’s game of Family Feud!

(No, Shutterbug, to answer your question, I don’t remember the theme song sounding like that, either).

If you weren’t here last week and are wondering why we’re playing – EJ gave me a blogging award. And because I’m, well, me, I went just a tad over the top and created a virtual game show instead of following the rules and just, you know, giving the award to other people. What can I say? Once a theatre geek, always a theatre geek. It’s all about the razzle dazzle around here, you guys.

Here are your survey questions, along with the most popular answers:

1) Most popular Wordful Wednesday Words. Survey says:

2) Most commented on book in the “13 in ’13 Reading Challenge”. Survey says:

3) 2 of the most read posts in August. Survey says:

And the winner is …

We have a tie !!!

With 750 points each, our top two families are:

The Superflagrinnamon Family !!!

(also known as The Chubby Princess at Chargrinnamon Toast)


La Casa Del Moore Family

(also known as Kaela Moore at The Girl Who Blogs)

Congratulations, ladies! I’m pleased to announce that those 750 points will award you with fabulous extravagant prizes, also known as …

erm, also known as my undying love and admiration, and bragging rights. I said we were all about the razzle dazzle around here – I didn’t say we had a budget!

Special mention to our third place winner, The Deb Family

(also known as Deb at My Examined Life)

A big Superfluous thank you to everyone who came out and played last week, and to EJ, who nominated me for the award and got all of these shenanigans started in the first place. No matter what the final scoreboard might say, my survey says that you’re all Wonderful!

Our regularly scheduled programming will return tomorrow with a brand new edition of Wordful Wednesday. I hope to see you then!

love amb

21 thoughts on “Survey Says? You’re All Wonderful!

  1. Congratulations to all 🙂 And thank you to amb for putting the FF theme song in my head for the rest of the day 😉 Always fun to read here–the razzle and the dazzle (and shoestring budget) are just the icing on the (cup)cake. Happy Tuesday!

    • Teeheehee. Hey, I figured if it was going to be in my head, I wanted some company to sing along with, you know? 😉

      So happy you had fun here today – you know I’m always happy when you take time from your crazy schedule to come visit! (And you brought cupcakes!! Hooray!!!) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday 😀

  2. is that… zack morris?? *squinting*
    and hooray for the winners!! i like quizzes and puzzles and games and winning. i love winning the most though. 😀
    i can’t believe assiduous didn’t get on that list… it’s so… apt for much of the stuff we deal with on a regular basis–like work. aaaaaaanyways… hiiiiiiii.

    • It IS Zach Morris!! Also Travis from Clueless 🙂 Most random pairing of actors ever, and for some reason, it works brilliantly. They’re hysterical together.

      I know – assiduous is a favourite of mine too. Interestingly, the posts that I like the most and the posts that are the most popular often don’t match up!

      Hi back 🙂

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