WoW Fridays: What Happens When Amb Goes On Vacation

I know, I know.

Just look at the faces in that photo! You aren’t the only ones who are anxiously awaiting a Words of Wisdom quote from me!

(Actually, the boys were waiting for me to drop some of my peanut butter toast breakfast. But I’m sure they’d appreciate a quoteable quote, too).

Hello, Wonderfuls. How are you?? I’ve had a wonderful week, but you know that I’ve missed you. It’s true that a don’t have a quote for you today though; I have major vacation brain at the moment and can’t recall anything pithy to share. I can’t even get worked up about returning to Corporate World on Monday – I’m too blissed out on cozy sweaters and homemade chocolate chip cookies and the sound of the lake.

It’s grey and stormy here today, but the gentleman on the right in the photo is currently asleep on my feet, and I’m too warm and comfy to care.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends and get to indulge in the things that make you feel warm and comfy too! I am determined to stay here as long as I can and squeeze every last drop of deliciousness out of this vacation, but I should be back with you on Monday.


19 thoughts on “WoW Fridays: What Happens When Amb Goes On Vacation

  1. no need to be pithy when cozy is at hand šŸ™‚ Would like to hear more about those cc cookies (and everything else, of course) when you’re back at it.

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