Wordful Wednesday for September 25, 2013

Good morning! I’m so glad you’re here. I have to tell you, I’ve had a bit of a hard time adjusting to being a grownup after my week away. It’s tough being at a desk all day when you’re used to having a view like this, you know what I mean?

view of the lake

Now that I’m back, a couple of my favourite people are on vacations of their own, and I’m missing them like crazy. Last night I decided to do something about it, so after finishing my errands and getting a fabulous haircut, I treated myself to dinner out at one of my favourite restaurants.

(Just because I love the view doesn’t mean I don’t love being a city girl, too).

Once I got home, I thought about the effects a good meal can have on your mood, and I remembered something that my friend K had posted on my facebook wall, after our Maroon 5 concert was over and we were missing our beloved Adam Levine.  Today’s word is kummerspeck: Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon.

Nobody panic! I’m not at the “excess weight” stage yet. I’m pocket-sized; there’s only so much bacon I can eat. But I love this word!

What’s your favourite thing to eat your feelings with? Chocolate? Bacon? Chocolate-dipped bacon? Tell me all about it in the Comments! Then come back tomorrow and we’ll get Under the Covers. I can’t wait!

PS: K found kummerspeck and other oh-so-wordful words here.

love amb


28 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for September 25, 2013

  1. That is probably the best word ever, amber! kummerspeck kummerspeck kummerspeck. I think I will say that all day today 🙂 Thank you to K for her great find.

    I really try not to eat my feelings, but I seem to eat a lot regardless of why. I’ll always go for the sugar/fat combos–ice cream, chocolate. Or my beloved marshmallow fluff or even plain marshmallows (hey, whatever happened to Marshmallow Monday?) which is sugar all the way. I do like sugar. And bread is good, too. So how ’bout we just go with carbs over here in this corner.

    • Isn’t it just?!? And the more you say it, the better it sounds: kummerspeck kummerspeck kummerspeck !!!

      I will happily join you in the carb corner. Marshmallows and chocolate, bring it on! Add in some peanut butter and I may never leave 😉

      • p.s. Forgot to say: Great picture! SS’s work? Your talk about bacon inspired me and I have an extra-special bacon delight cooking up as I write. It’ll turn up at food for fun tonight, I hope, and probably deLiz, too. Wanted you to know that your post kicked it all off form me. Kummerspeck kummerspeck kummerspeck 😀

      • Thanks! This is actually one of my photos, believe it or not; I took it with my phone and then applied some filters to get the colours I wanted.

        So excited to see the bacon at food for fun and deLiz! I can’t wait !!!

  2. I’m with Liz – this is my new favorite word….even the food choices. Give me some marshmallow fluff, chocolate and a spoon. And then everyone leave me to my kummerspecking.

  3. My absolute favorite dish is sushi. Everyone who knows me hate me because I talk about my sushi binges I have on long weekends with the family. Yes, I make my own sushi! The last binge I made 160 for 4 people. Here’s a pic: http://t.co/L3AYqpWy3F of the entire meal. We were stuffed by the end of it!

    My second favorite meal is lamb–anyway, anytime! Greek lamb is the best!

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  6. Chocolate is my kummerspeck. And Funyuns. And bacon. And sushi. And pasta. And ice cream. And Mexican food. And any and all other foods. (Ugh.)

    Eating is my favorite. Why else would I run so darn much?

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