Help Wanted: A Special Edition Sunday Post

Hello Wonderfuls! I hate to interrupt your Sunday afternoon, but I’m working on a project and am hoping that you’ll share your collective wisdom. I need you to answer a very important question for me. Ready?

If I was an animal, what kind of animal do you think I would be and why?

I’ve already posed this very serious conundrum to Shutterbug Sis and others around here, but I want to know what you think. Am I a fluffy bunny? A chattering chipmunk? Something else all together? Let me know in the Comments … and I’ll explain why I’m getting in touch with my wild side next week.

amb xo.

19 thoughts on “Help Wanted: A Special Edition Sunday Post

  1. Perhaps the White Rabbit, for you’re way too wise to just be hopping around from pillar to post – you have lots to do, you’re opinions are critical to the kingdom and given the pressure you’re under, time must be of the essence…;-)

  2. A headhunter once told me to ALWAYS answer that question “Flying Monkey” because your interviewer won’t see it coming, it shows you are creative and think outside the box, and people will assume you’re tight with the Wicked Witch of the West.

    Of course, this was a headhunter of the actual tracking down and removing head from body variety, not the kind that finds you a job, so I’d take everything he said with a grain of salt…

  3. I’d much rather compare you to a Raven. You live in the north, have the ability to think critically, problem solve and work well alone and with others.

    Although it’s easier for me to envision a chipmunk wearing pajama pants.

    • I had forgotten about that !!! (Crazy but true). I’m going to have some big decisions to make 😉 I’ll make my choice shortly and you’ll hear all about it, and the story behind all of this, soon 🙂

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  5. I’ve thought long and hard over this…and I’ve come to a conclusion.
    You, my friend, are a big beautiful butterfly. Forget the caterpillar, honey, you’re wings are fluttering all the way to the top! Majestic, awesome, lovely. Colourful, imaginative and effortlessly cool. Butterfly, all the way!
    WAIT. Hold on. I’ve just written that…and I’m wondering whether you’ll except butterfly as an animal? (PLEASE?!!!!)
    NOTE: do excuse my silliness if it turns out that butterfly doesn’t count. If not, then happy bunny was my second choice..
    Yours Truly, Zoo to the Booooooooooo!!!!

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