Climbing Mountains. Or Moving Them. Or Something.


Uh, hi.

Look, Wonderfuls, I love you, but this is a little awkward.

You see, I was all set to share a big announcement this morning. It was going to be big! Huge !!! With excessive amounts of exclamation marks !!!!

I was ready to really shake things up around here. Then I went out last night and met someone who’s about to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Like, right about to. He’ll be on a plane in a few hours. And I’ll be here. Blogging.

But let’s be honest – if one of us is going to climb Kilimanjaro, it’s probably better for everyone that it’s Jeff and not me. I somehow don’t think I’d cope very well with the wireless service in Tanzania. And who are we kidding – I can’t stay away from those exclamation marks for long! So here’s my announcement: Jeff’s not the only one who’s going to be doing some traveling!!

the duck and the owlEvery Thursday this month, I’m going to be blogging at

The Duck and the Owl !!!

I am beyond excited that Kaitlyn and Sarah are having me over to play, and I’ve got all kinds of fun things planned for us! And of course I’ll be bringing all of you along for the ride, too. In fact, we’ve already started! You may have figured it out while reading today’s post, but this is why I was asking for your “amb as animal” suggestions over the past couple of days. The dress code isn’t strict – I checked, they’re totally cool with my yoga pants – but a spirit animal is required if you’re going to be hanging out at Kaitlyn and Sarah’s.

So what’s mine? Come back on Thursday to find out! And in the meantime, come back tomorrow for Wordful Wednesday, won’t you?

PS: Good luck Jeff!

love amb

13 thoughts on “Climbing Mountains. Or Moving Them. Or Something.

  1. congratulations, amb 🙂 I see your plan to take over the Internet is moving ahead nicely 😉 Couldn’t be happening to a nicer blogger.

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