WoW Fridays: Ann Landers

Hello and Happy Friday! Welcome to the end of your week. I hope it’s been a good one for you! Things have been fine for me. You know. Calm. Cool. Collected. The usual.

Not even a little bit, my friends, not even a little bit. Between the excitement of my new guest posting gig and getting some fan mail on Wordful Wednesday (visit the Words Become Superfluous Facebook page for that story) I’ve basically been corybantic all week. And that’s without even counting the Pumpkin Spice Lattes !!!

Thanks to your lovely and thoughtful comments (Diddy, my Canadian-folk-music-loving-friend, I’m talking to you) on Wednesday, I know I need to be careful not to get blogging burnout. Today’s quote explains why it’s so important to pace yourself:

The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you haven’t thought of yet. -Ann Landers

Remind me of that the next time I decide to spend a week in three different places at once, would you?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend spent talking at the perfect speed!

love amb

26 thoughts on “WoW Fridays: Ann Landers

  1. Happy Friday Amb!! I love this quote, it’s perfect!! i love the visual of getting ahead of our own thoughts..trying to keep up with, and not get ahead of the thought bubble hovering above! You’ve had a fantastic week my friend! I need to catch up, but know that I have been keeping an eye on you and so happy for all the bloggy greatness!! xoxo

    • Happy Friday back at ya Bon! I’m so glad you liked the quote – I just loved the mental image you described, that’s perfect !!! We will catch up for sure. Lots to say – oh, good, something new and different for us, right?! 😉 xoxoxox

  2. One lives for those moments when one is actually mentioned in Amb’s posts! The problem is that everything’s downhill after that.

    But is Joni folk music? (not that there’s anything wrong with folk music) I can see it with “Circle Game” maybe, but Shadows and Light and Mingus are not exactly folk albums . . .

    • Thank you Jenn! If I need to unwind, I think I’ll just pop over to your place and look at your beautiful photos 🙂 The latest ones are gorgeous as always!

  3. If that quote doesn’t have your name all over it, I don’t know what does. You made it to the weekend–yeehaw! Wishing you a most excellent Friday.

    • Ugh! I hate when Corporate World gets so busy that I don’t get a chance to chat with you in the mornings !! Anyway, hi. 🙂 Hope you had a most excellent Friday yourself Liz!

      • Friday came and went! glad to chat, whenever it happens. Awesome Queen video. Bizarre, but I’m sure I saw bunny slippers 🙂

  4. Cool, Calm and Collected… sweet! Have a great weekend. Don’t get blog burnout! your quote O’ the day reminds me of what David Byrne of Talking Heads had said (Well, he has been solo for a least a couple decades now but that another story)

    When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed. Say something once, why say it again?

  5. I always end up saying all kinds of things I only wanted to think. Oops!

    Congrats on your new guest posting gig! It couldn’t have happened to a more proficient composer of language. 😉

    • Teehee! I know what you mean. A good friend and I have a joke that we’re the only ones who understand the other’s inner monologue 😉

      Thank you so much! I’m having a blast so far – a most proficient one 😉

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