Under the Covers with Taylor Eigsti

Good morning! I’d like to jump ahead and get one thing out of the way before we start talking about today’s musical selection: I’m not curling up under the covers with Taylor Eigsti just because he happens to look like this:

Taylor EigstiIt’s a co-incidence, I swear.

Actually, it is. I heard this song for the first time while I was making dinner last night, and I knew right away that I wanted to feature it here. I just love the warm, contemplative mood it evokes – to me it sounds like how the evening light looks when it comes through the windows of the pocket-sized place.  But I had no idea who he was … or what I was getting into. I may or may not have actually thanked Google, out loud, when the above image was returned with my search results.

Lest you think that Taylor is just a pretty face, (and I can’t imagine where you could have possibly gotten that impression) I should point out that he’s actually a child prodigy who started playing the piano at age 4, and released his first album at age 14. 14 !!! I would be developing a complex and feeling seriously inadequate right now if I wasn’t so intrigued by his musical sensibilities: in addition to Nick Drake, his latest album reads like a “Who’s Who on amb’s iTunes” and includes arrangements of Rufus Wainwright, Imogen Heap, and Elliot Smith.

As if I wasn’t swooning already.

While I collect myself, enjoy “Pink Moon” originally by Nick Drake and covered (gorgeously, natch) by Taylor Eigsti.

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15 thoughts on “Under the Covers with Taylor Eigsti

  1. Coincidence?!?! Pish posh!

    I can’t help but feel a tad threatened by this gentleman who you’ve taken under the covers, so I have to take solace in the fact that “Daylight at Midnight” is such a CORNY album name! … and the fact that Stevland Hardaway Judkins had a #1 hit at age 13, so Taylor was actually kind of a late bloomer.

    That said, I love Imogen Heap*, and enjoy Rufus Wainwright and Elliott Smith, so he does have good taste.

    *Here’s an excerpt from an actual conversation circa 2006:
    Arto: Imogen Heap has an emazing [he pronounced that one word in an unusual way back in 2006] voice, and isn’t bad looking, either.
    Dave: I agree on both counts, but don’t you think she kind of looks like a giraffe?
    Arto: The giraffe is a beautiful animal, you know?

    • Just because I was a bit rambunctious in that last comment, I have to make addendum to my previous comment:

      1. The song is good, and now I have Nick Drake’s version of Pink Moon stuck in my head.
      2. Just looked it up on Google (Thanks Google!) and Imogen Heap is 6’0″ tall! That places her in the 99.8 or 99.9 percentile for women. Gadzooks!

    • Oh, Dave. Don’t think of it as feeling “threatened”; think of it as feeling motivated to come to Toronto! I’m just doing my part to get you here, babe.

      I can’t believe that you can quote actual conversations circa 2006 verbatim. Does this mean that in 2020 you’re going to be leaving comments on a blog somewhere about us drinking bourbon and being bad over at BoFN?

  2. lol, got halfway through your post before realizing it wasn’t about a funny name. Right, it’s Thursday @WBS, which means you are writing under the covers with some hot (er, I mean talented) musician. Or writing about a TV show I haven’t heard of, but this is not that Thursday.

    So–excellent find and am glad he is pleasing to the eyes (smolder alert!) as well as good with the music. And looks like he has done double-duty as he seems to have made Dave a bit jealous 😉

    Thinking you’re @ duck and owl today, so will check that out before the day is out. Am soon off to join you in your CW environs. (well, not YOUR CW environs, but you know what I mean) Enjoy your Thurs. Two days left for three days off!!!!!

    • I know, there’s a lot going on around here on Thursdays. But you’ve got the topics bang on! Hot, talented … what, you mean they’re not the same thing?! Teehee.

      Hope you’re enjoying your Thursday as well! We’ll definitely trade war stories from CW later!

    • He does have a great name! And so do a lot of the folks he works with. I mean, Rufus Wainwright? Come on. Definite BoFN post potential, here.

  3. Loving the banter here, as always. See, sometimes it pays to show up a little fashionably late to the party. Great find Amb, but I know by now to know that is how you roll!! Always good stuff. xoxo

    • Thanks Bon! You know I never feel like it’s really a party until you get here 😀

      Speaking of parties – have fun tonight!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it !!! xoxoxoxo

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