WoW Fridays: Julian Lennon

It’s Friday !!! Whoohoo !!! The Friday before a long weekend for me, in fact, and cause for much happy dancing here at my desk and many extra exclamation marks, I think.



Contrary to what the mellow jazz and dreamy pianists around here would have you believe, it’s been a pretty fast paced week for me. Similarly to when Talullah was here with us, I’ve been paddling my little feet in the waters of Corporate World like mad. Looming deadlines and a nation-wide technical problem have left us all on edge for the past few days, which is why it’s been so lovely to come home to cinnamon and peanut butter and all of you!

Speaking of cinnamon and peanut butter, I have a last minute entry for today’s quote. I had originally planned to post something about tackling challenges, but I’m going to save that for another day. My beloved friend on the other side of the ocean posted this on her facebook page the other night, and it spoke to me, so I thought I’d share that with you today, instead.

chocolate is salad

Pretty appropriate going into a holiday weekend, don’t you think??

I won’t be with you on Monday, as I have a very strenuous schedule of eating turkey and traveling through space with George Clooney planned, but I’ll be back on Tuesday to tell you all about it!

Happy Thanksgiving to my gorgeous Canadian readers, and Happy Weekend to the rest of your gorgeous selves as well!

love amb

35 thoughts on “WoW Fridays: Julian Lennon

  1. I did not know Julian Lennon said that. Way to edutain, amb 🙂 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy your holiday–woohoo! Glad you survived another challenging week. Nope, I didn’t see those feet paddling. You would make an awesome duck! (but am glad you’re you instead) Say hi to George 😉

    • Edutain… sounds like the kind of word a Community fan would like…

      Sorry to geek out here (but then again, it’s WBS, so geeking out on Community is encouraged):

      Nurse: He’ll see Annie next
      Jeff (brusquely storming into Pierce’s hospital room): You know what? No, he’ll see Jeff next!
      Nurse: But, you’re not supposed to…
      Jeff: or what – you’ll do twice the work of a doctor for half the pay?
      Nurse: Thank you??
      Britta: It’s called a complisult – part compliment, part insult. He invented it, I coined the term. See what I just did there? That was an explanabrag

      I don’t know why I take such delight in talking about Community with you now that I know you’ve never seen an episode. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy sharing things I love with people. As I said… take care of yourself, wait for the right time, and then we’ll welcome you into the light 🙂 Ain’t that right, Amb?

      • Dave! Well played. As soon as I read the first line of that comment, I knew you were going to reference that scene! When I’m watching a show I like, I remember dialogue without even trying – I have a random and crazy television brain. (See what I did there? That was a humblebrag).

        Liz! Yes, when you have time, we will be happy to give you a guided tour of the Community-verse. Although you’ve probably picked up a lot of the details already, just by hanging out with us!

      • lol, dave and amber (davember 🙂 ). You know you’ll have my soul eventually. Appreciate that you’re willing to wait for the right time.

        And I believe I picked up the word “edutain” from YOU, Dave. Didn’t you (or Arto?) use it in a past BoFN?

      • I can neither confirm nor deny that statement, because I honestly don’t remember. Maybe it was Arto. Kind of sounds like an Amb-ism though.

      • I would love to take credit for “edutain”, but I think that honour belongs to Arto. I do enjoy that you hear awesome words like that and think of me, though 🙂

    • I didn’t either! Honestly, the things you can learn from Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg would be so proud.

      I survived the week in large part because of you, my friend – you know I always feel better after I’ve had a chance to chat with you! Will definitely pass your love along to George. I’m excited – we’re seeing it in 3D on one of those ginormous IMAX screens!!

      • then the feeling is mutual 🙂 Gravity is the movie? Have read good things about it. Groundbreaking sort of film, they say. I know you’ll let us know and glad for that.

  2. I knew chocolate had to be good for me. Now that I know it’s as good as eating romaine and kale, I’ll be consuming much more.
    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your weekend! ❤

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