A Very Special Halloween Post!

Good morning, guys and ghouls !!!  Happy Halloween – you’re all looking boo-tiful. I’d like to kick things off by saying that I’ve already had two Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, a mini Snickers, and half a package of Sour Patch Kids for breakfast, so I really can’t be held responsible for any holiday-themed puns I make today.

reeses peanut butter cups

Breakfast of champions!

Or for what happens in the rest of this post, for that matter. I know we’re supposed to be talking about television today, but I have so much sugar in my system already that really, all bets are off. So what’s a pocket-sized blogger with too much energy to do?

Why, burn it off trick or treating, of course.

(You didn’t really think today would be just another Thursday, did you?!?)

And of course you’re all invited to go trick or treating, too. Click here to come with me to Liz’s place. She’s promised food and drinks and all of the not-so-scary movies I can handle. Just because we’re not talking about television today doesn’t mean we’re giving up fictional characters altogether, you guys. This is going to be fun.

love amb

20 thoughts on “A Very Special Halloween Post!

    • Oh Steven, if it was Halloween every day I’d never be able to fit into my clothes 😉 But yes, more fun like this would definitely be a good thing!

    • Pace myself ?!? I’m sorry, I’m too busy vibrating from sugar consumption to understand what that means … 😉

      Happy Halloween to you and Lucy!

  1. You’re making a “choc-o-lantern” out of melted chocolate frozen by placing it outside for five minutes, right? That’s part of the celebration up there if I’m not mistaken 😉

    • Of course it is. Along with making sure that our costumes can be worn over top of full body snowsuits. It’s a Canadian Halloween tradition !!!

      (That was a true story. I have a distinct memory of being a marshmallow-ified version of a sparkly fairy princess with all my winter gear on underneath my glitter wings).

  2. Happy Halloween, WBS! Thrilled you came knocking, amb. Has taken me a while to get over as I’ve been in a sugar coma since my breakfast of Candy Corn Cocktails and DIY candy bars. 😉 Come back again soon please 😀

  3. Happy belated Halloween. Sorry I was late to the party! We had a really crazy day yesterday. 146 Trick or Treaters. They started showing up at 4 p.m.! Great Day.

    Love the Reeses. And the idea of scratch and sniff internet candy. . .then again that could be dangerous. 🙂

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