Under the Covers with The Good Lovelies

The fun continues with today’s edition of Under the Covers – I love today’s song so much that I fear I’ll be too flibbertigibbity to even talk about it! To combat this (totally unnatural, for me) state of excitement, I’m going to have to resort to one of my trademark lists. But, first:

– Crabbuckit, originally by K-os, covered here by The Good Lovelies

I mean, seriously. How awesome is that ?!? There’s so much to love about this song, I can’t even. Here’s the list:

  • The amazing title: “Crabbuckit”. Try saying that without laughing. Go ahead. I’ll wait.
  • The amazing cover artists: The Good Lovelies! Where have these ladies been all my life?! I don’t know, but I’m never leaving them again.

    The Good Lovlies

    See? Aren’t they lovely?!

  • The amazing Cancon: K-os is from my hometown, and there are some Canadian references sprinkled in the lyrics. The first person to list them all in the Comments will earn my undying love, and 4,372 cool points.

I’ll see you here tomorrow and we’ll, erm, not chat. Or chat less, anyway. Remember, if you haven’t sent in a question for EJ or me to answer on our speed date yet, you can leave it on the form or in the Comments of this post. Can I still bat my virtual eyelashes with ten words or less? We’ll find out tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy your Thursday, Wonderfuls!

love amb

13 thoughts on “Under the Covers with The Good Lovelies

  1. Thanks for the introduction–totally love the lovelies! They remind me of Chic Gamine, another Canadian girl group I’d mentioned. Same-ish sounds 😀 Good luck prepping for the speed date. You’ll do very well.

    • I meant to tell you, I put together a youtube playlist after I read this comment and had Chic Gamine singing in my ear for most of the madness yesterday. They definitely helped! Love their sound, and am so glad you introduced us 🙂

  2. I LOVE this song…they are totally GREAT! I am going to have to find them and add them to my collection! Thank you for introducing them to me, um, I mean all of us! And…going now, I am sure I must have a question … xoxo

    • Aren’t they fun? Such a fun retro vibe! But not too retro – they’re on twitter! I tweeted about this song and they tweeted me back! *amb does a happy dance and goes to play the song again*

  3. Love them Amb, thanks for introducing me to them! And, speaking of introductions, I finished Longbourn, I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I think I might just have to reread it again, very soon….

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