Under the Covers with Kelly Clarkson

Yes, my friends, it’s time. The moment is upon us.

We’re busting out the Christmas songs for Under the Covers !!!

Hi. Sorry about that. I got a little excited, there. What I meant to say was, good morning! And Happy Thanksgiving to all of my lovely American readers!! I know it may seem like I’m rushing things by celebrating a full holiday ahead of y’all, but the above exclamation marks are actually what “amb showing a lot of restraint” looks like. The Christmas music has been playing in the pocket-sized place since October.

So, this is me being good. Besides, today’s cover is actually very appropriate. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sent their congratulations and brilliant suggestions and lovely words yesterday. I could feel your excitement all the way from here, and it meant so much! If your exuberance and enthusiasm could be captured in song, I think you’d sound a lot like Kelly Clarkson:

Kelly Clarkson, covering “My Favourite Things” originally sung by Mary Martin and Patricia Neway on Broadway, and by my beloved Julie Andrews on the big screen.

 I love this. This is how I imagine I sound when I sing in the shower. There’s just so much fabulosity going on here – and I’ll do my best to continue it with tomorrow’s edition of WoW Friday! Hope to see you then!

love amb

15 thoughts on “Under the Covers with Kelly Clarkson

  1. Is this really a Christmas song? She does it up that way, but the song she’s “covering” is more of a Sound of Music thing, isn’t it? Though you’re the music expert, so will go with what you’re saying. It’s a jazzy tune for sure. Tapping my toe by the end of it.

    For as many ways that we think alike, when the Christmas season starts is where we part ways. I don’t decorate, etc, until mid-December. Though I know I need to get on top of buying gifts, sending cards, etc. But I think what really bugs me is when retail starts earlier and earlier just so they can make more money. And I get that you start early because you’re full of holiday spirit and good will to all 😀

    • Yup, this song is from the Sound of Music, you know it! I think it gets played at Christmas because of the “snowflakes on mittens” and “sleighbells” – so festive! Glad it got you tapping your toes, it does the same for me 😉

      I agree with you times A MILLION about the commercialization of the holidays – drives me absolutely bananas! And of course you’re right that I start so early because I just love the spirit of this season to bits. You know me so well Liz! 😀

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  3. I like that cover. Hadn’t heard it before.

    On a separate note, after Halloween, Christmas is my favorite decorating holiday. From the garland to the gift wrap, I love this season. I have to admit, I keep my favorite decorations up all year long.

    The husband and I’ll be working my Christmas cards this weekend. Yay!

    • I’m glad! It’s a new one, so you haven’t missed anything by not hearing it until now 🙂

      I should have guessed that you love your Christmas decorations Fannie! Another one of the (many) ways in which you and I are on the same page 🙂 I hope you’ll be posting pictures of these decorations too!!

      Have fun with your Christmas cards – and thanks for the reminder! I have to get started on mine too, since I have some to send to far off places like Washington State 😉

  4. I LOVE this song! Are you surprised? 🙂 She does a great rendition of it, it’s fun to hear a version that is a little different! December has rolled around, at last, so I am officially now getting into the holiday spirit. I tell ya, it’s one thing at a time for me!! 🙂

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