How to Stay Warm at Work, or; Virtual Advent Calendar, Day 7

Good morning, you weirdos!

I say that with love and affection. I was so happy to see that so many of you got a kick out of yesterday’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie selection – I like that we can take a break from all the sparkly fun around here sometimes and let things go all dark and twisty once in a while instead.

What do you think? Too much for Corporate World?

What do you think? Too much for Corporate World?

Of course, today we’re back to the sparkles. It’s the season, you guys! I can’t help it!! We’re in the middle of a cold snap in Toronto, but there are eight days left until Christmas and I’m so warm I’m practically iridescent over here. Partly because I’m stringing tinsel up in my cubicle in Corporate World, and partly because we have a visitor at Words Become Superfluous today!

One of the (many, oh, so many) things I love about the holidays is the way we make time for the people who matter to us. In my offline life, that involves planning a visit with my partners in crime from my days at summer camp. Here online, it involves messaging one of my favourite people while he’s in the middle of a Christmas party to ask him on a virtual date … and proceeding to grill him about the holidays. (The fact that he responded right away – and actually understood what I was talking about – is a sign of just how strong our connection really is).

Yes, EJ is here, and yes, we’re going speed dating today !!!

If you’re new to the blog and wondering what the heck is going on, you can catch up here. The game is that EJ and I have to answer our readers’ questions in ten words or less. It’s so much fun – and so much harder than it sounds for a word nerd like myself! Today’s questions have a festive flavour, obviously. Enjoy!

What’s one of your favourite Christmas traditions?

EJ: Told mum, rumballs. In reality, time with family and friends.

amb: Shutterbug Sis single-handedly finishes an entire giant puzzle. I supervise.

Where are you spending the holidays this year?

EJ: Granparents and uncle, then immediate family, then beach with friends.

amb: White Christmas up north, with family. Beach next year, EJ?

Describe your perfect Christmas morning.

EJ: Family, food, music, beach. Perfect any morning (or time), really.

amb: Ditto. With pajama pants.

Where will you be for the holidays this year, and what will you be doing? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

And while watching me try to bat my virtual eyelashes in ten words or less is a treat in and of itself, I do have a little something extra for you today. Since we’re talking about connections and that nice warm cozy feeling between people, today’s virtual advent treat is:

The fantastic closing credit scene from the film “Love, Actually.”

Because hugs.

love amb


21 thoughts on “How to Stay Warm at Work, or; Virtual Advent Calendar, Day 7

  1. Making Christmas “nuts and bolts” and decorating sugar cookies ( with oh so many colours and creative patterns of royal icing) with my girls… a precious tradition 🙂

  2. Hey – I’ve seen that movie!

    And you’re probably lucky Rob’s too busy to read this post, because he’d totally start ribbing you about pajama pants (P.S. You spelled it right!). He can be single-minded like that!

  3. second date, huh? Nice work! Beach it is, then. We just climbed out of a week with highs in the single digits (F, so this means brutal cold). Almost at freezing (32) today, so we’re partying in the streets 🙂

    Spending Christmas up north (so yes to white) with the in-laws. Thinking I’ll need some of EJ’s rumballs for that.

    • If you count all the time we spend together on facebook, it’s actually probably date #72, but, you know, my mom reads this blog, so … 😉

      We’re in a similar situation here. It’s finally warmed up (to just below freezing – ha!) so we’re all very happy about it. Even though it hasn’t stopped snowing since last night!

      Thinking rumballs will be an important part of your festivities. Will get on that for you right away my friend!

    • Lol! At as much “beck and call” as you can be with a 16 hour time difference, anyway. But we make it work. He’s worth it 😉

      My early morning todays are EJ’s very early morning tomorrows, so I’ll get the recipe when he comes by tomor — err, Thurs — um, *amb counts hours on her fingers* next time we talk 🙂

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had a rum ball but I’m determined to have one this “season”. Sounds like fun. Do they have those over at Tim Horton’s?

    Pajama pants is fun to say. I should say that more often. Like the friend Dave and I know who one night, passing through a random apartment complex, saw a girl on a balcony wearing said attire and yelped out in utter earnestness : “nice jammies, bro!” Gold.

    • Sadly, they do not. Also sadly, your Christmas card is already in the mail, otherwise I’d see what I could do about sending you one and thus successfully completing your “season”.

      I like that you have friends who yelp. Gold.

      • This place is fun. I should come by more often. Maybe you can have some of those Timbits laying around? Do they have seasonal flavors? Sorry, I just haven’t been to Timmy’s for about eight years so jonesin’ for some.

      • It is, and you should. And never apologize for talking about timbits around here! You can jonse all you like – now I know what to get you for your birthday 🙂

  5. Oh, speed-dating with you is so much fun, Amb. 🙂

    Those decorations are definitely far too nice for Corporate World! They don’t deserve them! Haha.

    I absolutely adore Love Actually. Great clip!

    • Back at ya, baby! Thanks for coming out to play EJ! I had so much fun, as always 🙂

      Teehee! I wore christmas lights around my neck today, too. Little sparkly ones. Of course.

      Isn’t it an awesome movie?! Funny and smart and sweet. Much like yourself 😉

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  7. The word “beach” came up several times here…And I’m without both beach and snow! Only brown sad grass here.

    Love the speed dating! And rumballs? Anything with rum and I’m in.

    • It did, didn’t it? I tend to have a bit of a one track mind when EJ’s around 😉

      The rumballs! Other people have been asking about them too, so thank you for the reminder! I’ll see if I can get the recipe before he leaves me for surf and sand in a few days. (Not that I’m jealous. Or tired of our cold Canadian winters, or anything) 🙂

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