My Life as a Movie Monday: 13 Going on 30

Good morning! And welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Yes, my friends, it’s happened. The Christmas decorations have been put away, and I’m back in Corporate World five days a week.

In real pants with zippers and belts and everything.

The holidays are over, which means that pajama pants and Doctor Who will only be making their appearances on the weekend, and I have to go back to pretending to be a grown up in the meantime. “Pretending” is the key word in that sentence, and in today’s movie selection as well. Last week I:

  • Celebrated a birthday and;
  • Went into denial about my age and;
  • Decided to ignore the numbers, embraced my inner child, and rediscovered what’s really important in life. Like eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

So, last week, my life as a movie was “13 Going on 30”

13 going on 30 movie poster

I turned 31 on Saturday, and Shutterbug Sis helped me to celebrate by custom designing my very own triple layer chocolate cake. The sheer amount of icing and sugary goodness almost made me forget that I am now, officially, in my thirties. Gulp. That’s a lot of (serious and responsible) birthday candles, you guys. How did you celebrate (or cope with) a milestone birthday? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

candle shaped birthday cake

How adorable is this cake?!?

We’ll continue to be unserious and irrespobsible around here tomorrow, where we’ll talk about being 16 and having crushes on cute boys who secretly belong to an ancient race of demon hunters … and whether or not I actually completed my Reading Challenge in 2013 or just regressed back to high school. Can’t wait to see you then!

love amb

34 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie Monday: 13 Going on 30

  1. you’re back! and I’m first in line 🙂 Is that a picture of SS’s cake design? Oh yum.

    “In your thirties” doesn’t have to be any more grown-up than 30 or even “in your twenties.” You’re golden, dear friend, no matter your age. Great movie choice 😀

    Good luck with the CW stuff. You’ll do just fine. Looking forward to seeing how those cliffhangers play out. and p.s. cute belt 😉

    • I’m back! And so happy to see you, as always. And first in line, yet! How lucky am I?!? That is indeed Shutterbug’s cake – a giant, chocolatey, icing-y, candle 🙂

      You’re right, I don’t have to be any more grownup than I was this past year, which is … not grown up at all. Teeheehee! And thank you – I knew you’d like this movie selection! 😀

      It’s maybe a bit early to tell, but so far CW is going ok … *knock on wood*

  2. Haha, nice movie selection. A shame the holidays are over for you now. But I’m glad you had a nice birthday with special birthday cake. My next milestone birthday is this year. Uh-oh. I still feel like I’m in my early-mid 20s, so celebrating a 30th is going to be… odd. Don’t know yet how I’ll celebrate it.

    • It is a shame, isn’t it? That’s the problem with a January birthday, all your holidays are smushed together on the calendar and over with so quickly! I was thinking of you while I was writing this post, since I know you’ve got a milestone birthday this year. Celebrate with me and you’ll have too much fun for anything to seem odd 😉

  3. You have to be one of the most sensible, mature and well-grounded Capricorns I have met (from the little I’ve read/seen of you). You are like a mountain being scraped my my restless winds and solar flares but not moving a muscle until the earth moves with you. You walk like a giant among the trees and seas while everyone else makes noises and fusses about crossing the desert or jungle. Just my POV at the moment.

    So, 31…Capricorn…Rat? Pig? Dog?

    What exactly is that cake supposed to be? A torch? “Roach”/”Doobie”? Burning baby in swaddling clothes?

    Wouldn’t the “monumental” birthday be with a zero in the number? Or, as I have been doing with numerous people, noting the years they enter their Chinese astrology animal (year) every 12 years.

    My birthdays–due to a lack of friends and friendly family–have been rather…silent. I’d rather not even think about them. Too many times I’ve told myself, “Gosh, I wish I had someone special to share this moment with” and heard only crickets in the night…along with my nerves buzzing in my ears. If I ever have any fun, I hate to see it end. So, maybe it’s better not to make a big deal of…anything. Holidays and birthdays alike.

    If it was up to me, I’d certainly want to go out/into that next decade/stage of life like New Year’s. I’d want fireworks and toasting with friends by low lights at a nice dinner. I’d probably skip the cake and party favors (unless it was a costume party). But, I might step out into the night and let out a shout, telling the world, “Okay. Here I am. Next phase. Ready or not. Here I come.” And, whatever you do, DO NOT dwell or sink into the “I’m old” state of mind. The moment you feel your feet getting heavier or your shoulders sinking, slap yourself straight.

    • Well thank you very much WB! I don’t feel very sensible and mature most days, so if I’m coming across as such I must be doing something right 😉 The cake is a giant candle, since I’m so old now there would be too many to fit on the cake itself, at least according to my sister 🙂

      • Or, you’re just a “polished actor/speaker” who represents herself better than she performs/labors. What do I know?:) Some people can sell a can of worms as caviar.

        Ah, a candle…right. Those are coiling ridges; not paper layers. Doh.

        Oh please. 31 candles would still be below the average you see with celebs on TV when they bring out those big sheet cakes on talk shows no one really needs to watch:P

        Yea, that’s an old joke that needs to retire. Maybe your sis is nearing retirement?:P I kid. Or maybe not!

    • I read that too fast and had to get it from BoFN that you had a birthday up there.

      You talking about how old you are should have been the first clue. You talking about having had a birthday should have been another one.

      Why did I have to get it from Arto to put it together? I dunno.

      Er, sorry about that!

      Ambpy Birthday!

      • Teehee! That’s alright! I appreciate you coming back to comment again – it’s like an extra birthday present for me 😀 Thank you!

    • Thank you! I wanted something non-seasonally-festive. Glad you like it 🙂

      The movie is very well done – cute but not overly so. I think you’d enjoy it!

  4. Amb…happy birthday to you! I love that cake, it’s darling, and it sparkles,right? Tell SS very nice job! So, can we just keep saying happy birthday all week? 🙂 Love that movie (shocking, I have seen that one!) and I think I even have the soundtrack on a CD around here somewhere! I love Jennifer Garner’s dress! What does that say about me…young, or old? When I turned the big four-oh {it’s less daunting to spell out ages the older you get, just a tip from a wise old elder.. 🙂 !} I cut off my hair to donate it, gave blood and got my friends to knit 40 scarves for foster kids in college. I was just determined to start the decade with a sense of something other than feeling old. I am already trying to think of what happens at the next big milestone and good thing, I still have a few good years to ponder that! haha! Enjoy your birthday week….love that a new year has double meaning for you! cheers to you my friend, xoxox

    • It does have sparkles, as a matter of fact! Oh Bon, you know me so well! And you can certainly keep saying happy birthday all week if you like, that sounds just lovely to me 🙂 I’m so glad you like today’s movie! It’s a favourite of mine, for sure.

      I love how you celebrated your milestone birthday! What a lovely, generous, thoughtful way to usher in a new year!! Then again, this is you we’re talking about, so I shouldn’t be surprised 🙂 xoxoxoxo

    • Not in the pajama family, indeed. Nice cords that match the new sweater I got for my birthday. At least I can take comfort in the fact that I’m co-ordinated! 😉

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  6. Hey! You have the same birthday as my husband! Happy belated birthday! Also, I keep hearing that your 30’s are the best decade of your life. So there’s that to look forward to (or so I keep telling myself… I’m not too far off from there myself, haha.)

    • Tell your husband happy belated birthday from me, too! What a small world 😉

      I definitely like the idea of entering the best decade of my life … will keep you posted!

  7. Happy birthday, lovely!!
    Such a fun movie. Glad you enjoyed your holiday and embraced your inner child—that’s the best part of all of us, I think. 🙂

    And so happy you’re back in the blogging world!! You were missed!

  8. You’re a Doctor Who fan?! How did I not know this??? If I did, well, please excuse my sudden lack of memory. I blame the holidays. Did you like the Christmas special? I personally was a bit underwhelmed, but I think that probably has to do with it following the 50th Anniversary episode. Pretty much anything would be a letdown after that.

    Happy belated birthday!

    • I am a huge Doctor Who fan !!! Are you a Whovian too Liz? You just made my day 🙂

      I was a hot mess during the Christmas special, because Matt Smith is my Doctor and I still haven’t accepted the fact that he’s leaving me (even if it is to go off and do a movie with Ryan Gosling!) I know Ten is most people’s favourite, but I will always be Eleven’s girl, because he (and the show) came into my life during a time when I really, really needed adventure and love and jammy dodgers 🙂

      That said, I totally agree with you about following the 50th anniversary – I think anything they had come up with would have felt a little “meh” if it had to follow that! The 50th was absolutely amazing, on so many levels !!!

      • I am definitely a Whovian! I even went as a Dalek for Halloween! I thought that 11’s regeneration went really well, I got all teary-ed then. Amy returning was just pure love, and I will really, really miss 11. He was just so childish and goofy. Even my family loves him. I tried to put on some 9 and my dad went, “But I was used to that other guy!”

      • 😀 He is!! He’s my drunken giraffe! *sniffle*

        I’m watching in the wrong order, so I haven’t gotten to Nine yet. But I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      • If I have to be a fan of any Doctor, I would probably vote for Dave Tennant. I found myself appreciating his take on the character best. But, that’s only because he was the first I actually felt was understandable:P The Doc before Tennant was okay…but I didn’t take to him as well. And, it took me a while to accept Smith…I still find him a bit young and “putty-looking”. I think they had more fun designing the opening sequences during the Smith seasons, though. Most recently, they seem to have gone back to the 80’s formula.

        I was a kid when 5? reigned supreme for what seemed like a while with his wooly coat and big, colorful scarf and curly hair. My brother was big on the show in his youth. I never accepted the concept of this ridiculously spacious time-traveling phone booth. And, I never liked the Daleks (which always looked like low-budget trash containers with plungers and p*** enlargers for guns) until recently when they really dug into the concept of a human being/soul trapped inside the machine. But, in recent years (including a few Matt Smith episodes), the details have become more clear.

        If I had to pick a favorite “side-kick”, I’d have to favor Amy/Amelia Pond only because of her beauty and astrology:) Sagittarius fire rabbit! 5 ft 10 or 11 inch! 😉 ❤ I am not sure she was the strongest actress, but she was more tolerable than her "hubby" until he started to "grow some stones" around the time they discovered Amy was pregnant. Her best episode might have been the one when she was stuck in that medical "asylum" or whatever it was with a future version of herself, and Rory had to choose one to enter the Tardis. The big reveal with the mini-people inside the robot Doctor and River Song's truth was a bit of a tear-jerker. I felt "Rose" had some rather powerful episode moments (and was a lovely little blonde). Amy reminded me of that classmate or friend who likes to wander off into daydream scenarios at every turn, leaving you to wonder when you can talk to her seriously, again. She's a bit like the girl in "A Bridge to Terabithia" who could stoke the fire of one's dusty imagination.

  9. Welcome back! Love the movie, especially the scene in the elevator with another adolescent. Just cracks me up.

    The cake is gorgeous. Glad to know you had fun. The best part of life is the part we don’t take to seriously. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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