My Life as a Movie Monday: Dead Poet’s Society

Good morning! How were your weekends? I hope you’re feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to start the week – I know I am.

Or at least, I might be. I might also just be running on a leftover dopamine high from the massive amounts of dark chocolate that I consumed and time that I spent with Doctor Who over the weekend. It’s too early to tell. But until I either start being amazingly productive or crash from an amazing sugar high, let’s look back at my life lately as a movie, shall we? Last week, I:

So, last week, my life as a movie was “Dead Poet’s Society”

dead poet's society movie poster

Erm. Except maybe without all of the death and despair and sense of hopelessness that comes with being young and emotional and having very little authority or autonomy in your own life. Right. Goodness knows that I’m more than capable of generating enough teenage angst around here to fill an entire boarding school (I have clearly matured greatly since my recent birthday), but don’t worry, I’m feeling much more optimistic than poor young Robert Sean Leonard.

How can I not, when ladies like these two are clearly running Hollywood?

tina fey and amy pohler

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? What was your favourite television or movie moment? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

love amb

14 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie Monday: Dead Poet’s Society

    • You’re in good company, my friend. I only watched their opening monologue live, and caught up with the rest of it on the internet the next day 🙂

  1. This is one of my favorite movies. And although I found the story somewhat that of betrayal, I still enjoyed it for its inspiring moments. Nothing quite like seeing Robin Williams hop on the desk saying, “Captain, oh, my captain!” Inspiring!

  2. great movie, though what a long time ago. Have you seen Patch Adams? Another Robin Williams heavy, though didn’t make it as big as Dead Poet’s. And lol, hadn’t even known the GG were on. Will circle back to catch Tina and Amy on Youtube as I bet they were funny.

    Glad you had an excellent weekend with Dr. Who. I ended season 1 and started 2 last night and will share that I was up a lot of the night just replaying and rehashing the end of season 1 in my head. I’ve alluded to this already, but so powerful! Can’t stop thinking abut it and absolutely looking forward to what this next doctor offers. And then there will be Matt… You can finally say you have me hooked, amb. Though I will never try to take him away from you, so no worries. He’s all yours–I will just stand from afar and enjoy. 😀

    • I know! I hadn’t realized just how long until I started writing this post. 1989! Who knew?! Definitely circle back to watch Tina and Amy’s opening monologue if nothing else – they did a great job. Some really funny lines about Meryl Streep and George Clooney too!

      I’m doing a happy dance over here that you’re enjoying your time with the Doctor! That is wonderful 😀 I have a hunch that once you’re a few more episodes in that David Tennant will be your Doctor. He’s wonderful, even if he’s not as goofy as my beloved Matt. Who, by the way, you can enjoy from afar as much as you like, my friend 🙂

  3. I adored that movie and should probably re-watch it one of these days. I am with Liz, had NO Idea the Golden Globes were even on…how did I miss that? I also sense, with some trepidation, that I could possibly be the next Dr. Who victim, or would that be ‘patient’ You have gotten Liz hooked and how can I not be in that conversation. But it’s gonna have to wait..until DA ends. Happy Monday…and can’t wait to see what Tues brings! (at least it’s closer to Saturday! :D) xoxo

    • I haven’t actually watched the entire movie from start to finish in a long time – I should do the same.

      Teeheehee – patient – I see what you did there! Well done, Bon! You could end up hooked on David Tennant too, I could see it happening … but yes, wait till Downton Abbey ends first. Good call. A girl can only take so much!

      PS is it Saturday yet ?!?! xoxoxoxo

  4. Sounds like you had an incredible weekend! I’m going to dive into the Doctor Who experience before too long. Would you believe I haven’t seen a single episode?! It’s terrible.

    I didn’t get to see the Golden Globes, but I’m going to watch them sometime this week. Because Tina and Amy. I don’t think any other reasons are necessary. 😉

    Happy Monday, lovely!

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