Under the Covers with Mike Tompkins

Good morning! It’s Thursday, and as Monica would say, “I am the energy train and you are on board! Whoo hoo!”

No, I have no idea where this efficaciousness is coming from and why it’s still around, either. I haven’t had any (more than usual) chocolate today, I promise !!!

Regardless of my blood sugar levels, I wanted a fun, upbeat cover song for today, because it’s almost Friday, and quite frankly, we deserve a dance party! After spending far too long on youtube watching Friends clips (seriously, I’m not even going to tell you how long it was, you guys. It’s embarrassing), I found a cover done by a performer with enough energy for all of us, and some to spare. And the fact that he just happens to be a cute, quirky Canadian boy certainly doesn’t hurt – let’s face it, I can be as efficient as a Swiss timepiece and I still wouldn’t be immune to the charms of … youtube videos. Right. Youtube. Sure. Let’s go with that.

Moving right along: today’s song is “American Girl” originally by Bonnie McKee, and covered here as “American Girl/Canadian Boy” by Bonnie McKee and Mike Tompkins.

Wheee !!! That was fun, right ?!? A special thank you to my friend Jack Flacco for introducing me to Mike’s music in a long-ago blog comment, and inspiring the dance moves I just busted out at my desk !!!

And thanks to all of you too, as always, for stopping by and spending some time here amongst the exclamation marks. I’m looking forward to ending our week together with WoW Friday tomorrow!

love amb

16 thoughts on “Under the Covers with Mike Tompkins

  1. Fun 🙂 Though it should be the other way around–Canadian Girl and American Boy. (dunno who the boy would be–that’s your dealeo)

    Glad you’re still powering through the week. Go train go!

    • Why Liz, I don’t know what you’re talking about! It’s not like I ever swoon over American Boys who work in Hollywood, for instance 😉

      The train is running, and I’m hopeful it will take me straight into the weekend! We’ll see. Hope things are well on your end, my friend, and that you have a Thrilling Thursday in your CW 😀

  2. Ok. So, of course I am ‘In’ because her name is Bonnie. Right? Right. I click play, the kiddo is next to me, and he starts singing along! I say, ‘YOU know this?!” He smiles and grins and nods. And keeps humming along. Double win Amb! Nice work my friend!! And, I dig the fun upbeat tune..good one to chase away the winter blues!! We are one itty bitty step closer to the weekend…another win! 😀 xoox

    • Of course. Right. I’m with you. (I’m nodding, here). Go kiddo go! I love that he knows this song! That just made my day – thank you so much for sharing. And yes, being closer to the weekend is most definitely another win 😀

  3. Thanks for the kudos, Amb! And isn’t Mike amazing! Honestly, I went crazy for his music a year ago and he’s my #1 fav artist I recommend to all my friends! What a talent, and he’s cool, too! 🙂

  4. I don’t think it’s okay for one person to be so dang talented. Should the talent be spread around a little bit? Sheesh. 😉

    Glad you’re still feeling efficacious! Pass the chocolate when you’re through.


  5. Don’t worry buddy, I watch Friends clips on youtube as well! Why would I do that when I already have all ten seasons and watch them religiously?! I have no earthly idea!!!

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