The Best Part of Having Favourite Television Shows That People Have Actually Heard Of

After profiling over twenty different television shows that no one has ever heard of, I’ve come to one very important conclusion:

I watch a lot of TV.

Ok, two very important conclusions. One: I watch a lot of TV. Two: I’m going to need a bigger couch.

(I’m kidding. I’ve managed to keep my waistline from expanding to the width of my entire sofa … so far).

Two: while there’s a definite thrill in wearing your geek glasses and seeing your views of the world reflected back to you outside of the mainstream media … being an iconoclastic individual is just so much more fun when you’re doing it with friends.

Over the past couple of weeks, two of my favourite people in the blogsphere have fallen madly and deeply in love with one of my boyfriends. And I couldn’t be happier.

Matt Smith

Ok. Not MY boyfriend precisely. But a previously regenerated version of his alien self. It’s complicated.

I wrote about “Doctor Who” for the first time just over a year ago, and felt a little self-conscious for using phrases like “dinosaurs on a spaceship” on what I imagined was a (somewhat) cool and (sort of) contemporary blog. And now I have a TARDIS on my homepage and a recipe for a sonic screwdriver cocktail bookmarked in my browser history and a not-so-hidden agenda in my guest blogging assignments.

And have I mentioned that I couldn’t be happier ?!?

I wasn’t really into sports growing up, so I never gave this particular word much thought, but I understand what it means to be a fan now. It means discussions about love and sacrifice and whose face you’d put on a pillow. It means you instantly have a way to find amazing friends. It means crying real tears over fictional characters and falling in love at first sight every time you watch that one scene and always, always choosing another episode over sleep.

As my friend Kelly said recently: “I don’t know how to talk about other things anymore, but it’s fine. This is what matters.”

What person (or band, or television show, or sport, or time-travelling 900 year old alien, or …) would you give up sleep for? Tell me all about it and complete this sentence in the Comments: “I am _________’s biggest fan!”

love amb

55 thoughts on “The Best Part of Having Favourite Television Shows That People Have Actually Heard Of

    • Oh Dianne, well played! You’ve named a tv show that I’VE never heard of !!! And on a television Thursday, no less. I had to dash of to google there for a moment to learn about Widget 🙂 Such cuteness!

    • I posit there is currently insufficient empirical data to support the validity of your claim.

      In other words – put your money where your mouth is and get on a plane, science boy.

  1. To my surprise, nobody or nothing in particular. I definitely go through stages/binges/enthusiasms but as far as I can tell it never crosses the thresshold of fandom.

    Maybe if they invented a virtual interactive fembot that looked like a young Phoebe Cates and played all my favorite lady roles from movies and fiction.

  2. amb! Thanks for the food for fun plug 🙂 What a lovely post you wrote. Seems to have your essence–says a lot about who you are. (and I mean this in a very good way) You enjoy life and all it offers and are deep enough to say things like “It means discussions about love and sacrifice and whose face you’d put on a pillow. It means you instantly have a way to find amazing friends. It means crying real tears over fictional characters and falling in love at first sight every time you watch that one scene and always, always choosing another episode over sleep.” (That last line is my fave and totally explains why I’m always cranky.)

    Dated a guy in high school who was into Dr. Who and I believe I broke up with him shortly after watching an episode with him. What a stupid show, thought I. (and it was a Classic, so may very well have been stupid) So when you started going on about dinosaurs on a spaceship, I had my bias. But then you’d go on about how much you loved your doctor and it started sounding not so bad. Not sure if muddling through the originals was worth it, but at least gave me a good sense of what kind of man the Dr. is. And when I hit midway through that first new series, I was down the rabbit hole with you. Can totally see why you love his sense of adventure and his kindnesses and his vulnerability and his power etc. Will admit to still thinking some of it is stupid (daleks? really?), and please don’t hate me for that. But I also think it is the most wonderful show ever and thank you for being such a fan that your enthusiasm was infectious enough to bring me along.

    • Liz! You are so welcome my friend, and thank you so much for the lovely words about today’s post! I had a wonderful time writing it, and I’m so glad you liked reading it!

      I have to tell you, I don’t understand the Daleks either, and don’t find them scary at all. They look like pepper shakers to me! Now, wait until you get to Matt’s series six with The Silence, and then we’ll talk about scary villains! Holy cow.

      I am more than happy to bring you along on all my adventures, and am so happy that you’re willing to come along for the ride! 😀

  3. Ahhh I love everything about this. I figured out a while back that I connect with people by sharing shows with them. There are other ways, obviously, but that’s my favorite, because it’s like suddenly you have this whole world in common, and those worlds tend to be really important to me (much like a certain 900-year-old Time Lord. I’ve given up so much sleep for him, and I have no regrets).

    A few months back I texted to a friend, who’s never seen the show, like, “why did I decide to rewatch Tennant’s last episode WHY DID I THINK MY HEART COULD HANDLE THIS?” and she responded, “Because you’re you and you are able to so fully inhabit the lives of others, because your own heart is so wonderfully huge that you are able to care so deeply. Even if it’s just a character in a show.” So that’s what I tell people now when they question how they could get so emotionally invested in fictional characters, and that’s why I’ve stopped questioning that side of myself. Stories are a good thing to love!

    • Kelly, amb just linked me to your space and I’m looking forward to reading your Dr. Who thoughts 🙂 Cutting in to say that your second paragraph is exactly what I was trying to say about amb in my comment–it all applies to you, too, I’d bet. Your willingness to get sucked in and really truly genuinely care is sign of just how big your capacity to feel is. So glad to have met you! And see that you’ve been over to food for fun for that sonic screwdriver. Cheers!

      • Thanks Liz! I just saw the comment you left to Amb above, and yes, that’s so funny that we were saying the same thing! Agreed completely. Nice to meet you too, and everything on your blog looks delicious.

    • Yes! I love everything about that too!! I mean, you can find other things that you have in common with people, but there’s just something about talking about a whole world, like you said, that you love that is so much more satisfying.

      Oh my goodness!! What a gorgeous thing for your friend to say! I just love that 🙂 I’m going to start telling people something similar, when they ask about me coming up for air after an episode marathon.

  4. I love this post. I’d have to say my weak point is The Big Bang Theory. Fortunately, it’s on before my bedtime. 😉

    Regarding Dr. Who, my Whovian younger sister recently won her office decorating contest by turning her cubicle into a Dr. Who snow globe and made and served Dalek cookies. The judges had never heard of Dr. Who and had to Google it!

    I wish I had a picture, cause I know it would make you laugh.

  5. You already know this, but I am Doctor Who’s biggest fan! I’ve gone to several conventions (saw John Barrowman in person twice…and possibly accidentally stalked his husband once…) and have a homemade Dalek costume that I wear at conventions, and Halloween, of course.

    My longest “biggest fan” though is probably for Gilmore Girls. I practically don’t even consider it a show anymore. It’s an old friend that I can turn to with any mood.

    • YOU’VE MET JOHN BARROWMAN !?!?! MORE THAN ONCE ?!?! I swoon. Accidental stalking is totally understandable in this situation, and probably even recommended 🙂

      I love Gilmore Girls too!! It’s been a favourite for a long time. It’s not as good as getting to meet Captain Jack Hartness, but the Gilmore Girls pilot was filmed in my hometown! Luke’s diner was on our main street 😀

      • Full disclosure – I only went to his panels at comic cons. I haven’t worked up the courage to actually ask a question at one yet. It probably would all come out in gibberish or I’d completely forget my question when he looked at me. BECAUSE HE’S JOHN BARROWMAN.

        That is too cool that the pilot of GG was filmed in your hometown!! Where are you from?? Now I need to go there and eat at Luke’s Diner! lol

  6. I would never claim to be anyone’s biggest fan but I definitely have become a huge Doctor Who fan (my recent blog is about my wish for what could happen in the future), with the 10th Doctor being my favorite Doctor so far and Rose being my favorite companion (which is obvious in my recent post lol). I have a life long history of being an obsessive fan in general, though. When I was younger it was The X Files that I was obsessive over. lol. I still love The X Files actually….

    • I’m looking forward to checking out your post and reading all about it! The chemistry between Rose and Ten is just incredible. I was so, so happy they found a way to include Billy Piper in the 50th anniversary episode! Thanks bunches for stopping by, roboex. I hope you’ll come back again 🙂

  7. I am a fan of Pride and Prejudice ( specifically Elizabeth Bennet… also specifically the movie version starring Keira Knightly …. can watch that movie many times)

      • As an Elizabeth fan, Be is not totally wrong because, arguably, Keira Knightly works better as Elizabeth than Jennifer Ehle (this is definitely a minority opinion!). Elizabeth has to be vivacious, which Keira pulls off pretty well, and Jennifer Ehle does not. But as a total adaptation the BBC version is vastly better.

        (Didn’t think I’d have to work so hard to get the ladies to consider something that has Colin Firth in it . . .)

  8. okay, i have to confess i have never seen dr. who. there – it’s out! but, i have never gotten over my love of ralph fiennes in the english patient.

  9. Well, from my recent posts, tweets, and every word out of my mouth we can all safely assume that I consider myself the Doctor’s biggest fan. But what I love most about loving the Doctor is that there are other people who also love the Doctor and don’t need to be told how amazing he is. Also, the fact that they’re willing to chat about it all at any time is pretty much the best.

    I could write you a novel, but you said so many lovely things in this post that I’m just going to read it again and enjoy the fact that you already know what I’m saying and you completely understand the nature of my attachment to fictional characters. 🙂


    P.S. I’m watching the Doomsday episode tonight. I don’t even know how it ends and I already feel sad.

    • I feel the very same way about you, my lovely! Have I told you lately how happy I am that we’ve met here in blog-land? 😀

      I’ll be around if you need me after Doomsday. Wine and chocolates on hand if/when required!

  10. I’m definitely Doctor Who’s biggest fan. I think about it constantly – watching episodes, listening to the soundtrack, writing blog posts, writing fanfics, knitting blue scarves, and on and on. If you want another person to talk to about it, I’m your girl! 🙂

    I think it’s absolutely wonderful that people can get this invested in a TV show. Someone up above (sorry, too lazy to scroll up and check who) said that it’s because you can immerse yourself in the show and empathize with the characters, and it doesn’t matter if the characters are fictional, and I completely agree. A person who becomes fan doesn’t just watch a show and be entertained – he/she lets himself/herself becomes part of the universe and experiences what’s happening, instead of just observing. The experiences are no less meaningful than “real life” just because they’re from a story.

    • Hi Chorenn!

      I’m so glad you’ve come by, and I’ll definitely be checking out your blog. I’ll need some perspective to get over the fact that Eleven is gone (Matt Smith is my Doctor) and that I’ll have to get to know someone new. Obviously the show must go on (as they say!) and the team knows what they’re doing as they’ve handled regenerations before … but still. I miss my raggedy doctor already!

      I love your line: The experiences are no less meaningful than “real life” just because they’re from a story. I feel exactly the same way! You and I are going to have a lot to talk about 🙂

  11. Ha! For all that I’ve been blogging for like three months, I never noticed my username until you just used it. It’s from an old blog I used to keep like five years ago. Weird stuff.

    I’m a David Tennant girl myself, and I *still* miss him, so I know what you’re going through! He and Matt were so awesome in “The Day of the Doctor” – I wish they’d make more stories with the two of them.

    • Ahh, sigh is right! A dashing, heroic captain who is a kind and decent man and is played by Ioan Gruffudd in the tv mini-series ?!? Sign me up! 😀

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  14. Cool post, I’ve been a Dr. Who fan since David Tennant reprised the role of the 10th doctor. There was really great chemistry between the cast members and decent plot lines. I can see why fans may not appreciate the “classic” cheesiness of previous incarnations, but I do get the inside jokes now!
    Enjoying the comments, I hope you’ll (re)generate a few more fans!
    Must *Exterminate* other shows and make room for more of the Doctor♥

    • (re)generate !!! I see what you did there! Oh, well played 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the post, and thank you so much for commenting! I’m always so happy to connect with another Whovian! (And if you enjoyed these comments, you should stick around for the more recent posts – the Doctor tends to come up a lot around here 😀 )

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