Wordful Wednesday for January 29 2014

Holy bananas – it’s our last Wordful Wednesday of the month already! I can’t believe it! Actually, I can, which is why today’s word is so appropriate. I’m feeling very impatient today, my friends; even though January is flying by, it can’t fly fast enough, if you ask me. My reasons for this are twofold*

One: I’m still not feeling great and I want these germs to HURRY UP AND GET OUT OF MY SYSTEM ALREADY

Two: I’m going away on vacation next week and I want my departure date to just HURRY UP AND GET HERE ALREADY

(* Does using mature, responsible sounding words like “twofold” cancel out my inner eleven year old’s using shouty all caps? You’ll have to let me know in the Comments.)

Yes, I’m fleeing the polar vortex and going to Florida for a week, so it makes sense that today’s word is tetchy: impatient, irritable.

In other words …

I get extremely tetchy when I realize that I can’t travel through time and space like a certain Doctor after all, and have to actually endure time progressing onward in a linear fashion just like everyone else. My inner eleven year old sympathizes. She remembers what it felt like to find out that her magical Sword of Protection did not, in fact, turn her into She-Ra. (Allison Wong, if you’re reading this, no, I’m still not over it. Can we go to your house for lunch tomorrow? Your mom always has chocolate milk).

Hi She-Ra! I like your sword. And your highlights.

Hi She-Ra! I like your sword. And your highlights.

What superhero accessory would you most like to have? (Obviously, I choose the Doctor’s TARDIS, but She-Ra’s sword wouldn’t hurt). Tell me all about it in the Comments!


love amb





PS: I’m being sarcastic in two places at once today, so if you’re reading this after 3am Eastern Standard Time, stop by The Blog of Funny Names and visit me there too!

25 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for January 29 2014

  1. Wonder Woman and I’ll have that invisible jet, please 🙂

    Feel better, amb. Sending you virtual chicken noodle soup. Yay, Florida. More seafood!

    • I knew you’d pick Wonder Woman Liz! 😀 Love it. If you had an invisible jet you could fly out here and visit whenever you wanted!

      Thank you! I think a couple more days of taking it easy once I’m sprung out of Corporate World will do the trick. And yes to more seafood!!

  2. I am dedicating all of my superpowers to helping you feel better! Now! I would want the speed of The Flash…get anywhere I want, fast! 🙂 Plus, you get to eat a lot after burning all those calories. I could *run* over and bring you coffee and soup, and get back to work before anyone missed me! Win.Win. Feel better!! xox

  3. This is seriously a difficult question! I want to say the Tardis, for obvious reasons – one of them being that I am taking the liberty of assuming it would come with the Doctor. But…I can think of a whole host of Harry Potter superpower-ey things that I’d want too. It’s a tough call!!

    • I’m cracking up over here because I was JUST about to leave a comment about Voldermort on your most recent post 😀

      Absolutely, some of the HP superpower-ey things would be lovely to have … and absolutely if you choose the TARDIS it would come with the Doctor of your choice. What’s the point of posing questions like this to the blogsphere if we can’t make up our own rules, right?!? 😉

      • Bahaha then I would totally go with the Tardis. With 10…because…I’ve been having a major 10 situation lately.

        Btw- did you see 12’s costume? It’s cardigan-tastic.

      • And that would be a problem because … ? 😉

        Yes! And he wears Doc Martins!! I am excited for this on several levels.

        Also looking forward to seeing how he and Clara interact. Clara and Eleven had a very specific chemistry (sometimes they were rom-com kind of adorable and sometimes they were both just so sad) so I’m curious to see how these two will be together!

      • I have high hopes for the two of them. I’ve loved Clara since the beginning and I think that Peter Capaldi will bring his own sort of wonderful-ness to the role. I just need new episodes to air!!!

    • because you can never have too many comments on a post, I want to say that I have eavesdropped on you both and am SO EXCITED to keep watching because there is obviously tons of fun to be had. 😀 AND “cardigan-tastic” is my new favorite word! Liking it even better than “tetchy.” Sorry, amb 😉

  4. If I had to choose a super power, it would be the power to regenerate like the Wolverine in X-men, but without the metal claws (ouch). Maybe it would make one impervious to catching a cold or the flu. Would that come in handy before a vacation. 😉

  5. I choose the T.A.R.D.I.S. Obviously. What could be better than traveling through time and space?! Oh gosh. YES, PLEASE. (My inner eleven year old is showing up for moral support.)

    Knowing that I’ll never wander the universe makes me tetchy. Can someone invent time/space travel already, puhlease!?

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re headed south! And I had no idea you weren’t feeling well! May you be back to 100% for your vacation. Have a marvelous time!


  6. I am not sure the Doctor is a superhero. Nor She-Ra, but her sword had some impressive–though a bit hard to swallow–forms it could take. I think I’d have to go with Green Lantern’s ring as what would work best for me. But, I am on the verge of being tetchy or in the presence of a late night tetchy person and answering on the fly.

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