My Life as a Movie (Not Quite) Monday: Bring It On

Good morning! Did you enjoy your long weekends? It was a holiday for us here in Canada too – I spent my weekend with fictional characters, take out food, and the Olympics. Friends and family were in there too, but I basically spent three days consuming calories from the couch while watching other people expend them.

It was glorious.

So I thought I’d continue my “armchair athlete” theme with today’s movie selection. Ready? Last week I:

So, last week, my life as a movie was “Bring It On”

bring it on movie poster

Confession time: this is definitely one of my guilty pleasure glue movies. If it’s on tv and I’m at home I’ll watch it. And I can quote more of the dialogue than I should probably admit to.

We’ve talked about guilty pleasure movies here before, so let’s talk about, like, sports and stuff instead. What’s one of your totally most favourite sports movies? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

love amb

32 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie (Not Quite) Monday: Bring It On

  1. Glad you had a third day off, too. Hope chocolate was involved while you were consuming calories on the couch. Haven’t seen overmany sports movies, but Tin Cup was good. And who doesn’t love Jerry Maguire’s you-had-me-at-hello? A League of Their Own also fun. Does Silver Linings Playbook count?

    • Yes, there was definitely chocolate involved! And cheesecake, too. It was an excellent weekend πŸ˜‰

      Love your movie choices! I tend to either love Kevin Costner in movies (Bull Durham) or hate him (Waterworld) and Tin Cup is definitely on my “love” list. And Jerry Maguire – classic !!! A League of Their Own is a favourite of Shutterbug’s and my childhood, too, so nice to see it listed here πŸ™‚


      Sorry, I got a little excited there. Love that movie (not that you could tell). Hoping my enthusiasm makes up for the fact that I’ve never seen Slapshot OR Major League!

  2. I saw The Blind Side a few months ago and cried like a baby. Such a touching story, and Sandra Bullock’s character (I can’t remember her name!) is a badass. I think the fact that it’s a true story makes it even more special. This will make me sound like a total noob, but I really loved all the sports-centered Disney Channel movies. Gotta Kick it Up. Double Teamed. Those were my jam growing up!

    • I loved The Blind Side too! I wasn’t expecting to be as moved as I was – I thought I’d be distracted by Sandra Bullock’s hair and make up and accent and all of it – but by the end it didn’t matter at all. So good! Have you read the book Liz?

      And PS we love the Disney Channel around here. You’re in good company πŸ™‚

  3. that third day was NOT ENOUGH. *yawn*blink* ugh. i need the caffiene to come through IV today. do you think anyone would notice if i put sunglasses on and just leaned back in my chair and took a nap…?

  4. I liked this movie! Good humor and pacing. Kirsten Dunst was cuter in this than in Spiderman, I think, and good chemistry with the brother of the dark haired gymnast, who if memory serves was also quite a babe.

    I said brr it’s cold in here
    I said there must be Toros in the atmosphere

  5. My favorite sports movie…Hmm.
    I think it would have to be Warrior. Have you seen it? So. Good. My heartstrings were sufficiently pulled. It’s about brothers who are MMA fighters—the younger brother is a recovering alcoholic, and the older brother is a family man. There’s conflict like nobody’s business, but the character development and the ending are perfection.

    Happy (almost) Monday, lovely! Three day weekends are always nice. πŸ™‚


    • I haven’t seen this one, but I feel like it should be on my radar … someone I like is probably in it. *amb clicks IMDB link* Oh hello there, Joel Edgerton! πŸ™‚ I feel like this will be excellent weekend viewing – I could do with a perfect ending, to cope with the inevitable Sunday Night Blues.

      PS: I stayed up past my bedtime last night to finish The Darkness Shows the Stars and thought of you. Oh. MY. I can’t even find my words yet. We’ll be talking about this one next week! xoxoxo

    • That is sad. But it’s summer for you over there, so, you know, I’m not that sad for you, Dianne πŸ˜‰

      Waterboy !!! Fun choice. I hardly ever talk about Adam Sandler, and he’s come up twice in the blogsphere this weekend for me. Crazy!

  6. The Hustler, North Dallas 40, Rocky, Breaking Away, Every Which Way But Loose, Karate Kid, Jerry McGuire, Bull Durham, Bend It Like Beckham, A River Runs Through It, Tin Cup (what is it about Kevin Costner and sports movies?), Blades of Glory (funny), Cinderella Man.

    Wikipedia’s got a surprising list

    Surprisingly, the surf culture movie California Dreaming is not on it. That was a good one, too.

    • I know, right?! Costner is all over the sports movies – Field of Dreams and The Upside of Anger are baseball movies too! Dave and Rob have a whole bit about his career in the “major leagues” – maybe you can convince Rob to come back to BoFN with a guest post on the subject!

      Love your list, by the way. I never would have thought of “A River Runs Through It” but fishing totally counts, and Brad is just so pretty in that one.

  7. Sports movies I have come to love… “Moneyball” – “The Blind Side” – “Remember the Titans”… I am not usually a sports movie person, but those ones I have watched multiple times… and not just because the testosterone in my family won the toss! And maybe this doesn’t quite count, but “Invictus” is also a fave. After all, it is about the rugby world cup! (Oh – and Nelson Mandela, of course…)

  8. Yay for a third day off — perfect way to spend it too! I like how you roll Amb! πŸ™‚ I didn’t have the day off, but might as well have, not a lot got done that day. For sports movies, I loved The Blind Side too, have seen Field of Dreams a few times, and of course A League of Their Own I love!! We are already at Wednesday by the time you read this!! Wondering what your Wednesday Word Will be. See what I just did there?! Ok…off to dreamland! xoxo

    • Why thank you very much – I like how I rolled there, too! Teeheehee. Loved this comment and hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s post after you stopped by to read this one! xoxoxox

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