Wordful Wednesday for February 19, 2014

Oh, you guys. You know how much I love Wednesdays here with you all, but I have to tell you – I was worried about this one!

First of all, I don’t know what kind of word it would take to top last week, unless any of you happen to know the verb form of “to conjure one of amb’s Imaginary Boyfriends from the West Coast into her living room” (Ryan, Nathan, Dave – all of these boys are very attractive to me, and become ever more so as the winter weather continues here and they can continually enjoy sunnier climes).

Second of all, I don’t know how to make what I’ve done in the past 24 hours or so since my last post sound Word-ful and exciting for you. Have I mentioned the weather around here?! There’s snow. Lots of it. So my pattern of being warm indoors and watching others being athletic from afar continued. I also cooked. And talked on the phone. But not at the same time – so I can’t even give you a witty anecdote about multi-tasking! (Or a safety lesson, as the case may be).

I’ve got nothing, you guys. Nothing.

Today’s word is lassitude: a condition of listlessness

In other words …

It’s a good thing we’re getting back to our Superfluous Olympic coverage tomorrow, because I really don’t have the energy to come up with a topic for Thursday’s post on my own. Have I mentioned it’s cold around here ?!?

Looking forward to seeing you all again (enthusiastically!) tomorrow!

love amb

25 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for February 19, 2014

    • Teeheehee. Dinner was surprsingly substantial 😉

      I’m teasing – dinner was lovely. I use the term “imaginary” because Dave and I aren’t officially a “thing” as the kids are calling it these days, despite all the virtual eyelash batting on my part. 🙂

      • That’s some serious eyelash batting. I mean some serious virtual eyelash batting. Wait, didn’t we do a scientific study on that at BoFN last week? We did! “The efficacy of eye-lash fluttering in influencing BoFN posting policy: A cross-hatched, AMBridextrous double-bing lingerietudinal study.”

  1. Lassitude is a fantabulous word!!! It definitely describes my attitude as of late with all this icky weather. We DID get a 40 degree day yesterday, though! So now instead of the roads being filled with ice and snow it’s like a muddy river.

    Also — the post directly above yours in my reader was “Wordless Wednesday.” The juxtaposition of you two had me laughing!

    • I don’t know what 40 degrees is in Canadian, but I’m glad things are warming up for you Liz! 😀

      Was it really?!? That’s too perfect. Sometimes the blogging universe has truly great timing!

  2. I’ll take lassitude, but is there any way you can put a grumpy spin on it? (you ARE Word Girl after all) That’s how I’m feeling with this never-ending winter. Brutal cold (just how cold is it in your parts?), lots of snow, more cold, more snow. Seems to alternate. Later this week, our temps go below freezing AGAIN. And I say ENOUGH. Because there aren’t enough imaginary boyfriends in the world to make me smile right now 🙂 (oops, I smiled–sorry, didn’t mean to)

    I’m going to fight the cold by skipping out of work (DW, or deLizWorld, which is easier to skip out of than CW) to see American Hustle with a friend today. Maybe that will help? Because I’m with you on not feeling productive, etc.

    But tell me more about you cooking 🙂 (cr@p, I keep doing that!)

    • I’ll confer with Captain Huggy Pants about our vocab list and get back to you with that request 😉

      I feel your pain though, I do. It’s stupid cold here too and I am seriously over it. Seriously. Want to take a trip somewhere sunny with me? It’s not like DW and CW and C and A and L and D and R and the rest of the alphabet will miss us, right?! 😉

      Can’t wait to hear what you think about American Hustle, I still haven’t seen it! The cooking was great – the sauce and spices came from a pre-measured mix, so I got credit with very little actual work. Mostly just stirring 🙂

  3. I thought lassitude was when you acted in a Lassie-like manner. Like, someone’s hat falls into the river and you jump in to retrieve it without hesitation, and then when you, dripping wet, bring it back to the owner, they say, “You’ve got a lot of Lassie-tude!”

  4. Oh, I can’t blame it on brutal cold and dark winter days, from where I sit, but somehow channeling that listless way…was ready to find my pillow at 8:30pm last night and forced myself to stay up until 11. I love this post for all of it’s sense of just the effort it takes to get from the couch to the fridge when your body just has had it with the overbearingness (I know, not really a word) of winter. xoxo

    • Hey, if you say it, it’s totally a word!!! That’s how I roll around here, too 😉 Also, I love that we channel our listelessness (totally a word!) at the same time xoxoxox

  5. Funny how etymology works… I know our language is based on “old” words… it evolves… but, really, if you extended the evolution and considered “lassitude” from the position of “current ways of thinking”, it COULD be the quality of a girl (lass) with a kick-ass attitude… Just saying…

    Okay – having said that, I am now going to indulge in the word’s real meaning and go back to the couch to watch reruns of the Canadian women’s bob-sled gold medal win… 🙂

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  7. Winter has a tendency to induce lassitude…:( I hope you have some sunshine and warm weather sooner than later! Meanwhile, you haven’t lost your knack for making perfectly outrageous words fit nicely into day-to-day life. Maybe some hot chocolate and/or wine can help the nasty weather pass faster….If not, at least you’ll have chocolate and wine. 😉


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