WoW Fridays: Amelia Earhart

Good morning! Happy Friday! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to participate in our final Superfluous Olympic event yesterday; my pajama pants and I were happy to see you.

The bad (i.e, Canadian) weather is continuing here today, but I’m too excited to feel the cold. We’ve won three gold medals in two days !!! Which would be thrilling all by itself, but the fact that all three of these medals were won by female teams ?!? Forget it. I’m going to be grinning for days. I am so, so proud of these incredibly talented, hardworking ladies. Today’s quote is for them:

ameila earhart quote

And yes, ok, I was inspired to track these words down because of a certain Olympics-themed Visa commercial. I may perhaps be spending a tad too much time watching CBC these days. But judging by the smiles I’ve been seeing on my television screen lately, I have a feeling that most of our athletes would agree with Amelia, here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

love amb

22 thoughts on “WoW Fridays: Amelia Earhart

  1. Yay for Amelia Earhart! That’s a great photo 🙂 (and quote but of course) So glad you’re enjoying the Olympics and that the Canadian ladies are kicking butt. Woohoo! I’ve enjoyed some of the ice skaters (and holy cow on the Super G), but haven’t watched much otherwise. Will leave that to the pajama pants wearers among us. Happy Friday!!!

  2. Whoa, who’s that foxy lady that did the first comment? Hawt. Haven’t seen her around here before.

    Hey Amb, you probably I’ve been getting into Joni Mitchell’s Hejira album. I grooved on her song Amelia recently:

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  4. Great quote – it’s so true!! Is it bad that I haven’t watched any of the Olympics this year?? I just alway seem to find something else that’s on. I DID see the video one of the athletes took, though, of a supposed wolf roaming the halls of her hotel. I actually think it was probably just a big huskie, but I find the idea of this wolf just roaming the hotel halls pretty funny. And, you know, dangerous, too.

    • Nah, it’s not bad – I’ve watched more than enough Olympics for both of us, trust me 😉 I’ve seen that video too! Pretty wild … although the rumor is that it’s another Jimmy Kimmel hoax, like the twerking video.

  5. And that included the hockey! I saw that. Woo! Go Canada!!
    Nice quote, Amb. Couldn’t agree more with Amelia there.
    Glad to return finding you slaying the blogosphere as heroically as I left you. Can’t wait to catch up with your posts! 🙂

    • Well, hello gorgeous! Oh my goodness, I’ve missed seeing you here in the blogsphere. Welcome back EJ!!
      Wasn’t that hockey game thrilling?! Our girls were just amazing. And one of them is from my hometown! 🙂
      Glad you like the quote – I can definitely see how it appeals to you. xoox.

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  7. Canada brought it these Olympics, as usual. And that Visa commercial gives me chills every dang time. I hope you get some warm sunshine up there soon! Amelia Earhart is such an inspiring lady. I’m so late commenting on these posts—this is me catching up. 😉


    • We did, didn’t we? 😉 I was so proud of all our athletes – such amazing accomplishments! All my natural Canadian humble-ness goes out the window at Olympic time! 😉

      You’re never late for these posts! I’m always thrilled to see you no matter what time it is. I know how busy you are and appreciate it every time you stop by! xoxoxoxox

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