Wordful Wednesday for February 26 2014

Not to sound like one of those highly motivated people who get 62 things done before breakfast, you guys, but today’s post practically wrote itself.

Actually, I wrote an entirely different post, over at an entirely different blog, and that led me to today’s word. So, you know, today’s post practically wrote itself … after I wrote a bunch of other stuff. Today’s word is: imbroglio: an extremely complicated or embarrassing situation.

In other words …

Come visit The Blog of Funny Names today to find out what happens when I mix guilty pleasure television with multiple marriage proposals.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to only blogging in one place at one time, and we’ll get ready to celebrate the Oscars this Sunday! In the meantime, if there are any imbroglios that you need to get off your chest, tell me all about them in the Comments! (with names changed to protect the guilty, of course).

love amb

22 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for February 26 2014

    • WordPress ate my comment! Grrr. I had this whole routine about how impressed I was and how your vocabulary when you’re not feeling well is still more impressive than the majority of perfectly healthy people you hear on the news and that I can’t wait to see what you can do when you’re back to 100%, but instead I’ll just say …


  1. Totally fantastic word. And think of it this way, if you have an imbroglio, all you have to do is say something like, “OMG, I can’t believe I just had an imbroglio” and whatever it was that made it an imbroglio will be forgotten as everyone around will be trying to figure out what it its. Amb, you have armed and prepared us all for our next imbroglio. Because, well, they happen! xox

    • Bon, that strategy is brilliant I am so absolutely going to use that when I have an imbroglio! (Definitely no “if” in that scenario, and you are SO SWEET for putting that in there! 🙂 ) xoxoxo

  2. Amb, my entire life is an imbroglio…at least, when having to explain myself to others. Broken down into its finest pieces, the moments might not seem so complicated, but many–if not most–have had their share of embarrassment. Some days I just want to throw my hands into the air and cast off sweat drops like Cathy from the funny pages.

    I don’t know why anyone really gives a crap about the Oscars, but, looking at the party favors they put every year in the local newspaper, I can’t help wanting to have an Oscar party. But, alas, I won’t be having one. I trust you’ll host quite the cyber shin-dig though:P

    • At least you have an amazing sounding word to describe it now WB, even in the midst of all those complications! 🙂

      And yes, I will absolutely be hosting a cyber-shindig! You know my well, my friend 😉

      • Yes, and, thanks to another comment, I am Torn:P

        I’ve subscribed to Natalie Imbrogliostic (instead of National Geographic).

        I’ll be looking for your shrimp platters and five star punch.

    • Oh for crying out loud. Stop it. Just stop. Your comments have been so high caliber lately that you’re just making the rest of us look bad. I mean, seriously. We can’t all be witty Finns around here, you know.

  3. Life does seem rather imbroglioish lately, at least the “extremely complicated” part. Hope you’re having an unimbroglio day in CW 🙂 Will hop over to BoFN next. Still haven’t seen you pop up on the post I wrote when you were on vacay. Not that it matters of course, but just sayin’ 😉 (maybe you were there, but you were veeeerrry quiet and that doesn’t seem like you so much)

    Oh oh oh–saw a trailer today for the Divergent movies. You will see? I did not see Her as there was this imbroglio with a sick kid, so we stayed in-house and saw Spectacular Now (not to be confused with Spectaculacles Now). Did you see that one?

    • Oh, that’s right! I missed your Tues while I was in Florida, didn’t I? I will have to pop on over and fix that! You know I’d never be quiet when I could use a bunch of words instead 😉

      Oh! I will SO see the Divergent movie! Tip Top Liz and I were talking about it a while back, we are both very happy with the casting and VERY excited to see Theo James, who plays Four, on the big screen. He’s just … he’s so … SWOON. I haven’t seen The Spectacular Now, either! Liz!! You are SO far ahead of me on the movie scene right now!!

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