Welcome to the Second Annual Superfluous Oscar Pool!

Well hello there, Wonderfuls!

You are all quite wonderful, really. There was a spike in my blog stats yesterday, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that we live in a world where other people get just as excited as I do over things that sound cool when you say them out loud. I know I say this to you all the time, but thanks for reading, you guys!

I’m also happy that we live in a world where Ellen Degeneres is asked to host the Oscars for a second time, and I have an excuse to watch movies like it’s my job between now and Sunday night. As of right now, I have to admit that I’ve only seen two of the nine Best Picture nominees, but I’m hoping to change that in the next few days!

The next three days, as a matter of fact. The 2014 Oscars are almost upon us, and so, without further ado, it’s time to present …

The Second Annual Superfluous Oscar Pool!

Ellen Degeneres hosting oscars

Will Ellen repeat this look on Oscar night?

As with last year’s pool, bragging rights plus some superfluous prizes are on the line, so stock up on your supermarket tabloids and entertainment television, and make your best guesses in the poll below. I’ll be providing a link to the poll every day from now until Sunday, so if you want a little extra time to do some research – aka watch movies like it’s your job too – then you’ve got it.

How many of this year’s Best Picture nominees have you seen? Are you planning to see any more of them before Sunday? Tell me all about it in the Comments! And Good Luck!

love amb

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Second Annual Superfluous Oscar Pool!

  1. I’ve only seen American Hustle and the Wolf of Wall Street. No real interest in the others outside of the Dallas Buyer’s Club which looks really good. For me, I don’t think the Wolf of Wall Street should win much of anything, but that’s not likely going to be the case. I don’t understand the indignation when Leonardo doesn’t win these awards, but it would tarnish his other works to win for this role.

    • I’ve seen Dallas Buyer’s Club, it is amazing. I want both Matthew and Jared to win for their work in this one. (You like how I’m on a first name basis with them now? 😉 ) I haven’t seen Wolf but your comment matches up with a lot of what I’ve heard, and with what I think, too. He’s done better.

  2. I llooovveee Oscar season!! I’ve only seen two of the best picture nominations, too. Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips. I liked the latter better, but I think it was just because of all the action! I REALLY want to see American Hustle. I’m such a J.Law fangirl, and I’ve heard it’s amazing. Also want to see 12 Years a Slave, but I’m a little nervous about that one because of how difficult I’ve heard it is to watch.

    • Honestly Liz, are you sure we weren’t switched at birth?! I’m hoping to watch American Hustle tomorrow night !!! And I’m a huge J.Law fangirl too, of course. (The friend I’m seeing it with is too. I convinced him to watch it by telling him that J.Law and Amy Adams make out 😉 )

      • Hahaha well done! I need it to come out on DVD! I’m the worst at actually getting to the movie theater to watch anything. Although, I did manage to get there twice for Frozen…

        And, yes, we are eerily similar! Makes it even more wonderful that I found my way over here to your blog!!

      • I feel the same way about yours! Listen, my friend, anyone who loves Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter and microwave funfetti cake in equal measure is someone I want to have in my life 🙂

  3. I’ve heard such good things about so many of the nominees, but will have to get to most of them after the fact. Fun to see you in your element. And looking forward to your reaction to Hustle. That’s a good one for a food tie-in. Two words: science oven 🙂

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  5. Amb, I put my answers in, but I’ve seen exactly none of these movies so I have no confidence in my choices. Also feeling remarkably uncultured. You mean to tell me The Desolation of Smaug and Catching Fire aren’t up for awards!? Well then…;)

    Side note: I’ll be live-tweeting the Oscars tomorrow. In my pajamas, most likely, but I’ll be there.


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