My Life as a Movie not-Monday: Election

Hi there, come on in! You’re in the right place, don’t worry.

It really is Thursday today, I promise. We haven’t skipped over the best two days of the work-week; I’m just sort of skipping merrily around on my regularly scheduled blog posts, moving topics in a, um, creative way from one day to another because every once in a while I decide I like sleep better than writing. All of which is a long way of saying that I didn’t post on Monday and wanted to make it up to you today.

So I know it feels like it happened ages ago (and it kinda did) but let’s cast our thoughts creatively back to last week, shall we? Last week on the blog, I:

So, last week, my Life as a Movie was “Election”

Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick

Now, listen kittens, I know it may seem like an odd choice to align myself with a scheming, sneaky high school student who is, quite frankly, nuts. But Tracey and I have more in common than you might think! Our pocket-sized, adorable exteriors hide spines of steel and buckets of determination. Also, we both really like education and cute hair accessories. See? We’re practically twins!

Were you involved with student government when you were in high school? (Of course I was. Like you even had to ask.) Did everyone work toward a common goal or was it competitive and cutthroat? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

love amb

28 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie not-Monday: Election

  1. Love this movie. Absolutely love it. So twisted 🙂 And they had cookies!!

    I think I was on student council in 4th grade, but that’s where my memories end. Cut-throat? Not likely as we were only 10.

    Please say more about your SG experience, amb. Were you pres? Because that would explain your quest for Internet Domination.

    • Isn’t it?!? I just love watching Matthew Broderick slowly unhinge. He plays crazy so very well 🙂

      I can totally picture 4th grade Liz on student council! I love that. What did your duties entail, do you remember? Deciding who brought in class treats on days like Halloween? I don’t think we had SG in my elementary school, so I’m fascinated by this!

      Not pres, no. I was homeroom rep in 9th and 10th grade, and then on the arts council after that. Somebody had to push the drama geek agenda! 😀

      • I think we met in the library over lunch. Lunch was in styrofoam trays–bane of the environment. No idea what or how we governed.

        Though speaking of drama: Was in Guys and Dolls in high school. My only production as I wasn’t as into it as you. Played a showgirl and I remember there was high kicking involved 🙂 But that’s all I got. Those memories fade fast. Most likely they have all been repressed.

  2. I was so totally the super quiet, super shy girl in school. I am not kidding. I was never in student government – I should have been for my own good, but uh-uh, no way, was my thinking then. Yay for you that you started your quest for Amb’s election way back when, you would have (and definitely do now) my vote! And yes, like Liz, more, Tell us more! xoxo

    • Were you really?!?! Oh my goodness Bon, I can’t picture that at all. Seriously! You’re so warm and expressive 🙂

      Thank you for your retroactive support of my campaign, your vote is appreciated 🙂 I started off as homeroom rep because I went to a high school outside of my neighbourhood and wanted to get to know people. Once I arrived I realized that older, cuter students usually made up most of SG, so naturally I decided to stick around 😉

      Being on the arts council was a ton of fun – my friend and I basically made the position up, told the headmaster we wanted to run, and used our drama and music connections for votes 🙂

      • Totally Was. Shy. Quiet. Never heard a peep outta me! Thank goodness I got over that!

        Of course, I key in on the word ‘cuter’ as to who was involved in SG…smart girl, you from the start!

  3. I was president of my dorm’s student council my junior and senior years at NYU. That was a great experience for me because I was rather shy in college, and one can’t be shy when plotting to take over the campus and invade the other residence halls! 🙂

    • You too! Oh my goodness, another one of my lively and outgoing commenters has a shy past! I never would have believed it Doc, really. Good for you for taking the plunge and getting involved! It sounds like you had a blast. I’m sure you’ve got great stories about those residence hall invasions! 😀

  4. This post is such great/awful timing. I’m involved in the student government at my law school. I served as my section’s representative and then as president. This past week I ran for president…and lost. I was sort of embarrassed mostly because I did a shit-ton of campaigning, and the person who won did NOTHING. He didn’t even dress up for our speeches. But…I bitched about all of this yesterday (when results were released) enough for a lifetime. I actually have not seen Election, but it was referenced by my roommate (and former campaign manager now) several times as we made posters and flyers!

    You’ll like this part, though. I bought myself a “sorry you lost gift” and this is it —

    Isn’t it the cutest??

  5. Never seen Election, but I may have to now.

    Never ran for SG, became a student club president instead. We got to host the school dances as fund raisers. Helped erase some of my geek-factor back then. 🙂

    • I cannot imagine you with a geek factor, although then again, perhaps that’s because you and I are movie-musical-geek-soulmates 😉

  6. Now here’s a movie I truly love but haven’t seen in a long, long while! Gosh, if I remember correctly, the teacher had a bee sting his eye and for half the movie he looked utterly pathetic while Reese’s character flourished as the wannabe student body president. LOVE this movie!

    • Yes! Things just went from bad to worse for poor Matthew. Not that it’s ever kind to laugh at someone’s misfortune … but oh my goodness was it ever funny! 😀

  7. This is a great movie, Amb! 😀

    I was never involved in student government in high school – I went to a country school where it was hard enough to organise the bus running on time!

    • It’s a fun one, for sure 🙂 My high school was out in the middle of farm country so I can relate – we skipped the bus and (tried!) to organize carpool!

  8. I moved too much to be involved in student government, and I didn’t really come out of my shell until my junior/senior year. I was an observant, introverted smartypants—not really a great combination for winning the hearts and minds of the student body. Besides, my schedule was full of super important stuff like extracurricular reading and being a know-it-all.

    Don’t want to brag, but I was secretary and vice president of my 4-H club in middle school. I know, pretty serious stuff.

    How were you involved in student government?

    • Smartypants are my people! You and I would have gotten along just fine, lovely.

      Well, smartypants and drama geeks. Which is where student government comes in – I was head of the arts council 😉

    • I too was a serious introvert/observer…but I lost my smartypants badge of respect freshman year. I was outdone a thousand times over by several rich kids who didn’t even seem bothered by the push for popularity. They were very “Asian driven” to succeed/perfect themselves and worked on a different plain of existence. My smarts went from something to pride myself upon to being a wannabe know-it-all pest. But, since I was frequently ignored, I wasn’t too annoying. I just didn’t learn fast enough when to keep my yap shut. I was trying too hard to be heard.

  9. Save Ferris.

    I wasn’t remotely politically minded or popular enough to even consider such a thing as school government without being laughed at. I recall one nerdy girl being treasurer senior year…and wondering how she fit in with the other “glamaticians”, the celebs of the class with their rich parents and large family homes contributing to the workings of the school. No, I was among the small outcast group who wanted nothing to do with all that. Though, a part of me would disagree and wish to make a name for himself by changing the school for his idea of “the better”. But, my cabinet mates would surely think I take it all too seriously when it’s their parents and their own campaigns driving the machine. I’d likely still get stuck doing paperwork I dread. No thanks. I used to just pretend the class government was nothing more than another A/V or chess club.

    Suffocating memories.

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