My Life as a Movie Monday: Tangled

I’m just going to get this out in the open right now: I was totally watching “Tangled” on CBC when I settled in to the pocket-sized place to write today’s post. Also, I totally love this movie.


I know. So adorable, right?

I thought it would be a bit of a stretch to fit this film into life on the blog last week, but it turns out that Disney cartoons staring the always-charming Zachary Levi are, much like Friends quotes and talking about Doctor Who, appropriate for every occasion. Or they are around here, anyway. Which probably says more about me than about the movie itself, now that I think about it – but that’s not the point. The point, my friends, is that last week, I:

So, last week, my life as a movie was “Tangled”

tangled movie poster

Ta-da! See? Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? I’ll grant you that I’m not actually a princess with magical glowing hair and an adorable chameleon sidekick and perfect pitch … but the basic similarities are, like, so totally there, you guys. Plus, have I mentioned that I totally love this movie? Watching it was the perfect way to cap off a cozy Sunday with Shutterbug Sis and the rest of the family!

What’s your favourite warm and fuzzy film to watch on a lazy weekend? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

Meanwhile, our movie talk will continue tomorrow with my thoughts about the Veronica Mars movie! Even if you didn’t watch the tv show when it aired, you should come by anyway. It’ll be fun, I promise.

love amb

34 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie Monday: Tangled

  1. I don’t have a warm fuzzy movie that I turn to, but lately, it seems that episodes of How I Met Your Mother seem to provide some kind of comfort 🙂 You aren’t actually a princess with magical glowing hair?? Amb, I can’t take one more disappointment! 🙂 Happy Monday my friend! xoox

    • Amb… was I not 100% correct in my prediction that Bonnie would beat me to the “send” button and comment before me? Californian night owls are an important demographic on your blog, it appears.

      You know that I’m not even a third of the movie or TV fan you are (nor am I much of a believer in lazy weekends), but I’d say “For Love of The Game” is one I always find myself watching (usually when Rob is around). And during Christmas season (when I actually do get fairly lazy), Rob always makes me watch Jingle All The Way. Oh, and on lazy weekends I also find myself watching a lot of Matlock. Can you tell who the “lazy afternoon movie guru” is in the Carlson household?

      • Haha, I’ve actually only seen that movie once (and it was at least 10 years ago), but I definitely have it queued up for another viewing sometime soon.

      • Dave – It would appear so indeed!

        I do know, and I will try my best to carry on despite these nearly irreconcilable differences between us. It’s a good thing that a) I watch enough movies and television for both of us, and b) I think you’re cute.

      • amb, you do know I was referring to Dave with “Cali Boy,” yes? Though diddy and I are all about cracking you the heck up 😉 On that topic, I’m still waiting for my co-hosting cocktail party instructions. Me, diddy, food, music. ???

    • Dearest Bonnie,

      The early seasons of HIMYM are some of my favourite things ever. They’re just so much fun! And Happy Monday to you as well! (Is it Friday yet?)

      your acts-like-a-princess-even-if-she-doesn’t-technically-own-a-tiara

  2. I did love Tangled! Princess & The Frog is pretty good too, and of course Frozen!! I cannot wait for that to come out on DVD so I can watch it all.the.time. My weekend movie is usually a rom-com or Harry Potter. They are the perfect thing to have in the background while I do work!

    • Confession time: I still haven’t seen Frozen. I know, I know! I owe it to Kristen and Idina to see this movie. Not to mention the fact that it looks amazing. But it’s on the list, I promise!

      And yes to having Harry Potter on in the background – always a good thing 🙂

      • It’s definitely on iTunes now! So…you might just find yourself renting it tonight. I mean…what else cures the Monday blues better than Idina and Kristen?!

  3. good call, amb! Was also thinking Frozen, but see Tip Top beat me to it 😉 I’m still a huge Princess Bride fan for movies that you watch so many times you can say all the lines along with the characters. Also, Enchanted. Both princess movies 🙂 Another fave for repeated watching is Dodgeball, decidedly not princess fare, but good fun just the same. Welcome to your Monday!

    • Hey, I liked Enchanted! One big weak link was the casting of the lawyer guy as main love interest (everyone else was well cast). Come on! The movie deserved a better male lead.

      • He might be good in other roles! I haven’t been keeping up. I could see him as an FBI agent in an X-files type thing. I could see him in Kevin Spacey type roles.

        Just confess: did you get sparks between the Enchanted heroine and the lawyer?

      • I totally saw sparks! But then again, I think Patrick Dempsey is charismatic enough to have sparks with a telephone pole. He’s just so pretty! Not to mention the source for a classic Dave-nickname (Sorry, Dave). 😉

      • huh. I will concede that PD didn’t exactly carry the movie and the romance was indeed a bit flat. But I was so busy learning the words to Happy Working Song and running from the room every time Susan Sarandon came on screen that I hardly noticed. Also loved the “hollow tree” line and when the doofus prince got knocked down by all the bikers. And when she lost her corndog. (or whatever it was that flew across the park) And overall, Giselle’s eternal optimism that true love wins. (which of course it doesn’t) Bottom line, I appreciated that this Disney movie totally made fun of Disney.

    • No, good call Liz!!! I agree with you times a million about The Princess Bride – absolutely one of the best movies to recite along with ever. True story: the theatre we saw the VMars show on Friday night holds screenings of older movies for only $6. There was a preview of the ones coming up next month, and I swear everyone there in the sold out theatre was saying “My name in Iningo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” along with Mandy. It. Was. Wonderful.

  4. We love Tangled around here. Frozen is the most recent hit–the one we watch when it’s blustery out. Little One likes to sing, “Let it gooooo!” even though it’s garbled and rearranged. She knows exactly what she’s saying. And it’s actually too cute for words.

  5. I haven’t seen this movie, Amb but it’s now on my ‘to watch’ list 😉

    I watched The Life of Pi on the weekend. I can’t believe I missed watching it when it first came out – it’s a brilliant story 😀

  6. I haven’t seen Tangled yet, but with the scene Wdydfae posted, I may have too.

    Not sure if I could choose one warm and cozy film, my fall back seems to be Pride and Prejudice followed by Ever After. (Love Angelica Houston!)

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