Wordful Wednesday for March 19, 2014

Good morning! And welcome to Wednesday. We’re halfway through the week already, and the countdown is on for me, since Friday after work will kick off a girls’ weekend of concerts and nights at the casino and really ridiculous amounts of carbs. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I just have to get through the next few days in Corporate World without any major technological malfunctions.

Which is easier said than done. Yesterday there was a problem with our servers, which led to a problem with our internal email exchange, which led to everyone freaking the heck out. I know it’s just email, but it felt personal, because my team was working under a deadline and everything was going so well and then all of the sudden our inboxes all crashed simultaneously and why oh why oh why would they gang up on us like that ?!? *sniffle* Not cool, inboxes. Not cool.

So today’s word is of course resistentialism: seemingly malevolent behaviour displayed by inanimate objects.

In other words …

I’ll let Dilbert take this one.

dilbert comic

Teeheehee. Thanks Dilbert. Friday feels closer already. Have a great day all!

love amb

23 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for March 19, 2014

  1. It scares me when Dilbert tells the story of my office. I wonder if this is the reason my department had a 17% engagement score?

    • You’re right Beth! I’m going to be tough over this next few days! Corporate World has nothing on me! *growl* Not really. I’ll probably end up putting in extra time so that I can leave earlier on Friday. Which isn’t exactly “tough” but will still make me happy!

  2. That is a very cool word. Like how the mannequins showed resistentialism in the first Dr Who of Series 1?

    Feeling for you on the computer snafus. Never fun. Hope today is better.

    • Philosophy puns and Doctor Who jokes! My morning is now complete. I’m so happy. 🙂

      Thanks Liz! Everything lit up the way it was supposed to when I pressed the power button this morning, so so far, so good! *fingers crossed*

  3. oh and a p.s.–loving the girls’ weekend plans. You know you’re going to have to give me more, though, right? Need to know specifics on concerts, carbs, etc. Report back when it’s over 😉

  4. Dilbert!!! My Elder Law professor uses those cartoons all the time! This post is exactly why I hate-love technology. It’s great when it’s working, and then when it’s not it is just terrifying.

    Also – Mortal Instruments chat time!!! I’m about one hundred pages away from being done with Book 4. And oh my word, I don’t know if my nerves can handle any more of the drama!! There’s so much going on, and I don’t know what the hell is happening to Jace. Also, I want to slap Jace for most of this book. Mostly because I just want happy, schmoopy times and they’re not happening. Give me my happy, schmoopy times!!!!

    Another also – have you watched Buffy?? I can’t remember, but if you haven’t you should. That show is fantastic.

    • Exactly!! And we all rely on it so much for the day to day stuff now, that when it doesn’t work we feel completely and utterly lost.

      Yaay Mortal Instruments chat time! Oh, I know. I was yelling at Jace while I was reading. A lot. And then, at the end … oh my goodness. We’re going to have so much to talk about!

      Ok. Question for you: how do you feel about Kyle? I’m glad that Simon has a place to live and a roommate and everything, but it’s like you said, there’s so much going on! I feel like Kyle is close to being one character too many, even if he is very pretty. But let’s be honest – I just want more time with Magnus. LOL.

      Question number two for you: Simon and Isabelle – good idea? Bad idea? Discuss.

      And oh my yes I watch Buffy. So much fantasticness!!

      • I personally like Kyle/Jordan. It was a nice little surprise, and I think gives Maia a bit more of a storyline. I also really like the idea of him coming to be a sort of sponsor for Simon. It gives him his own storyline separate from Clary, which I think the series really needed. Also, I just imagine him as this super hot Aleksander Skarsgard type. Yep. I’m definitely a fan.

        I actually like Magnus less in this book. He was hilarious in, I think, the second book? Third? I can’t keep them straight. I think Alec sort of neuters him. He’s not as bitingly funny.

        Now…Simon and Isabelle. I don’t really know my feelings on it!!! I like the fact that it’s been brewing since the first book. I don’t really like when romances come out of nowhere. And I think now that Simon is a vampire him and Isabelle are more equals. He’s not her plaything like he was in the first book. I definitely like her better than Maia (the werewolf…I might be spelling her name wrong).

  5. Resistentialism is a brilliant word! I didn’t realize there was a word for this phenomenon. This happens to me every time I have a deadline. Stupid technology.

    I hope your problem was resolved quickly and you got everything done!!

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