WoW Fridays: Warren Buffet

You guys! It’s Friday !! We made it !!!

As part of my plan to help the end of the week just hurry up and get here already, I’ve been making plans to get to bed early every night this week. Making plans and actually keeping them, on the other hand, aren’t exactly the same thing. Which brings us to today’s quote:

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” – Warren Buffett

I think that Warren thinks that I need to spend less time on the internet and more time asleep, you guys. Thanks, Warren. I’m working on it!

And thanks to Huni, who sent in today’s quote using the handy dandy WoW online submission form. Don’t forget that you’re welcome to do the same, anytime! In the meantime, is there a bad habit you’re trying to break? Or one that you’ve already broken? Tell me all about it in the Comments – I could use the encouragement!

And with that, I’m off to get a head start on my weekend. I hope yours are Wonderful, just like yourselves! I’ll see you back here on Monday.

love amb

11 thoughts on “WoW Fridays: Warren Buffet

  1. No way, I am here first, again? Love how the time zones are totally working for me! I gave up sugar, for 40 days once. No fun, especially the first 5 days. I had to give up Cheez-its and that took two go-rounds. Those things are fiercely addictive! The 21 day rule thing works for me! Happy Friday to you, we made it, barely…but we made it. xo

    • Time zones have totally been working for you lately! I’m loving it. You know what I’m not loving – the thought of giving up sugar!!! *shudder* I don’t think I’ll ever be motivated to tackle that one, which makes your accomplishment even more amazing! xoxox

  2. My bad habit is yours, Amb. Staying up way too late, then paying for it in the morning. Getting caught in that cycle. Also a too-much-sugar habit, which Bonnie seems to have shared. Can’t see 21 days without either, but I guess that’s why it’s one day at a time. And a blog-commenting habit. I oughta start a 12-step for some of these. Though they’d have to be held late at night and I’d bring cookies and candy and such. ??

    But that’s all beside the main point which is, Congrats on making it to the weekend and have the very best one ever in the history of all of your weekends 😀

    • Liz!! Don’t you dare try to break that blog-commenting habit! Although maybe we could have the late night meetings anyway. Yes please to the cookies and candies and such 😉

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