Wordful Wednesday for March 26, 2014

Well hello there!

Keeping our tenth grade metaphor from yesterday going, I would slip notes in all your lockers and take you all to the dance on Friday, if I could! Corporate World has the hamsters running a little faster than usual this week, but thanks to you, no one is off their wheels just yet. It just makes me so happy that you all hang out and chat amongst yourselves, even when I’m not able to get toΒ  your comments as quickly as I’d like. We are all so totally sitting at the cool table, you guys!

Ok. I think I’ve taken that metaphor just about as far as it can go (and probably a little bit past there, too). Time to change the subject. (Or at least get to third period english on time). Today’s word is: antiphrasis: the use of a word or phrase in a sense contrary to its normal meaning for ironic or humorous effect

In other words …

Remember yesterday, when I was feeling all blaarg-y? Part of the reason is because my seasonal springtime allergies have kicked in. Oh, and did you know that there was a snow squall warning for the city of Toronto last night?

March is just balmy here in Canada, eh? (See what I did there?)

March is just balmy here in Canada, eh? (See what I did there?)

I may be feeling snuffly and snot nosed in the mornings, but at least tomorrow we’ll all be able to curl up Under the Covers together! Looking forward to seeing you there!

love amb

12 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for March 26, 2014

  1. thanks for letting us endlessly rattle on amongst ourselves without sending us out in the hall, amb. and yes, you have used the perfect example for this word, one i can well identify with –

  2. Allergies! Yaaaaayyy…… 😦

    They had settled in here as well. I don’t suffer too badly, but Hubby and Little One are miserable without allergy meds. Thank God for allergy meds!!!!

    I hope you have meds. And plenty of tissue! And a week of warm weather to thaw out your wintery world! Let it be written, let it be done. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, poor Hubby and Little One! I sympathize, I really, really do. I do have meds, thank goodness. And a neti pot too, which grossed me out when I first heard about it, but now I’m pretty much addicted to mine πŸ™‚

  3. What in the world is a snow squall? Is that some word you used on another Wordful Wednesday?! Off to Google it up…

    Also, boo to seasonal allergies! I get them in the Fall and they are the ABSOLUTE worst. I’m wishing you a very quick recovery. Or, you know, the Doctor to show up in his Tardis and take you far, far away from this season (and world!). Also, on the note of the Doctor, I showed my grandparents the 50th anniversary special today and while my grandpa fell asleep about ten minutes in, my grandma successfully maintained consciousness throughout the entire thing and even said she enjoyed it! I love turning my family into Whovians!

  4. I was running those hamster wheels with you today, amb, though not the same wheels of course. (How much fun would that be? πŸ˜€ ) Sorry to hear about the allergies as well as the snow squall. How cute that they’re squalls in Canada. We just have storms 😦

    Am going to think further on how to use “antiphrasis.” Cool word, but a bit tricky. Nice one, amb πŸ™‚

    • Liz!! Can you imagine how much fun we’d have if we were on the same wheels?!? Whee !!!

      You’re right, today’s word doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But I’m so happy to see you here as always, my friend!

  5. Aristotle would be so proud of you for your use of this rhetorical device.

    *Fannie passes the tissues.*

    I love “antiphrasis: the use of a word or phrase in a sense contrary to its normal meaning for ironic or humorous effect”. It’s right up there is anadiplosis and anaphora for me! As a fellow word nerd, you made my day!

    BTW, your photo is gorgeous. *Now where did I put the Benedryl?*

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