My Life as a Movie Monday: New in Town

Good morning! How were your weekends? I hope you had a wonderful time. I did – it was a balmy 5 degrees Celsius here on Sunday! I tell you, the lightness of being that comes from going outside in a not-quite-as-puffy-coat and leaving the hat and scarf inside is just amazing!

Let’s keep that lightness going and just float right over to today’s movie selection, shall we? Last week, I:

So, last week, my life as a movie was “New in Town”

new in town movie poster

Now, mind you, this post is coming to you from my usual spot in Toronto – I wasn’t suddenly transferred to northern Minnesota (although it felt like I was!) And I wasn’t working 80 hour weeks in Corporate World (although it felt like I was!) And I didn’t exactly start up a passionate affair with a Harry Connick Jr. lookalike. (Although it felt like … at least, it was sort of … erm … Nope. I’ve got nothing).

The point is, it was cold. And busy. And did I mention cold?! But most importantly, like Renee, I had the warm glow of friendship to keep me warm. Awww. A rom com worthy sentiment, maybe, but it’s true! And I can’t wait to chat again with you all tomorrow!

love amb

14 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie Monday: New in Town

  1. I’d like to strike up a conversation (I can’t say affair because I have a wedding ring and hubby reads your blogs 😉 ) with a Harry Connick Jr. lookalike!

  2. smiling here as I think this means you had a very good weekend 😀 Excellent.

    Hope this week is less intense in CW. But I want to talk about this movie. It’s not good amb–it’s not good at all! HCJr saves it in a small way as he’s just so derned cute. And he’s such a fine musician. But being from Minnesota, I can tell you they got so much of it wrong.Their geography is totally off. And people don’t really talk like that–at least not in the metro area. And what made me most nuts is that they played it up light that you can keep warm stranded in a car in a snowstorm by drinking wine. YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DO THAT BECAUSE ALCOHOL MAKES YOU STUPID! For whatever reason, that part bothered me and overall the movie was a clinker for me.

    Sorry sorry sorry–not meaning to bring your lovely and lightheartedly fun post down. Thinking I was just bothered because they made Minnesotans look stupid. (I don’t like Fargo either.) And people do really die in blizzards and staying warm with booze only works if you’re safely tucked inside for the night. lol, what a killjoy PSA I am 😉

    Really, am very glad to see you and looking forward to more weekend reports!

    • Wow Liz, I love your passion for/against this movie. I totally get that. “Singles” was the same for me. The Seattle geography was way off. I loved the actors, but some of the story line lost me.

    • No no no – don’t be sorry! You know I love when people say what’s really on their mind around here!! You’re not bringing things down at all (although I hope we can still be friends when I tell you that Fargo cracked me the heck up too 😉 )

      Anyway, the point is, my friend, that you can be bothered by this as much as you want, and I loved hearing your perspective about it all. I hadn’t even thought about the geography, for instance!

      Weekend was lovely and I will for sure be sending reports your way 🙂

  3. I remember seeing this movie in theaters and then doing a ridiculous Minnesota accent for way too long afterwards. My poor, poor friends.

    Have you read the new Veronica Mars book, btw??? It is amazing. The voices are spot-on and the story is just as twisting and turning as the episodes. So, so good!!

    • I haven’t!! And I’ve heard such good things!!! And I’m probably going to binge read this weekend and then leave exclamation marks all over your blog !!!! (I’m just saying 😉 )

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