Wordful Wednesday for April 2, 2014

Hi! Good morning!! I’m here I’m here I’m here !!! And not, you know, in Vancouver. Teeheehee.

That was fun.

Since I’m sure you already saw this one coming from a mile away, we’ll just jump right to it. Today’s word is verdant: lacking experience, naive.

In other words …

You guys, I can be so verdant! Did any of you get pranked yesterday? (Other than my geeky attempt to usher April in with a little fun, at least). Because I did!!

I only work in a small corner of Corporate World, and the company I’m part of has a few brands under its Actually Giant And Not Small At All Corporate

Grumpy Cat is not impressed with my verdant-ness. Or my vocabulary.

Grumpy Cat is not impressed with my verdant-ness. Or my vocabulary.

Umbrella. One of them uses dogs in all of its advertising – radio, print, and tv. Yesterday morning there was an announcement on our internal company site saying that the brand would begin using cats for mascots, and I bought the whole thing …

… up until the closing line, which read, ” With memes, jokes and online videos, the Internet has truly helped cats claw their way to the forefront of the animal kingdom. Can we make this change and give our customers want they want? Yes we cat”. (And yes, I copied and pasted the article and emailed it to myself at home. See?! Geek!!)

I hope you had a great day yesterday, and that you were wiser and more savvy than me! And I hope that you’ll come back tomorrow, when we’ll be talking about television and I will try to sound a little wiser and savvier myself.

love amb



16 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for April 2, 2014

  1. ooooo–you did get pranked! Nice. I neither pranked nor got pranked (short of my 7-year-old telling me I had ice cream on my face when I in reality did not), which maybe just makes me dull? Ha, refuse to believe that 😉 Let’s just say I’m too busy to prank folks or be fooled by them. Probably was fooled multiple times today and never stopped long enough to know.

    So, a new word. That’s good. We’re all verdant in some way. Keeps us fresh 🙂

    • Teeheehee. I totally did! It was too funny – was cracking up at my desk yesterday. And no, you’re definitely not dull! Never!! Busy, yes. Dull, no way man!

      I like the idea of us all being a bit verdant. Keeps us from getting jaded and cynical. Nice one, Liz!

    • Oh, how I love me some Bill Murray in the morning. This makes me so happy. “Programming … for cats.”His face. I can’t even.

    • Hooray! I’m so glad.

      In other, unrelated news, my browser was acting up and not letting me comment directly on the post, but I LOVED your Dr Who companion ranking from a while back!! So much awesomeness!!

      • I was indeed. I would have put River Song a bit higher up on the list, but that’s just because of how much I love her and Eleven together. The flirting, oh, the flirting! *swoon*.

        Rose and Ten are romantic and wonderful and star-crossed, but I. LOVE. DONNA. NOBLE. None of the other companions make me laugh the way she does. And I really think that she’s the best, truest friend Ten’s got. No one else would tell him what he needed to hear like Donna would – whether he wanted to hear it or not!

    • I know we can agree to disagree, but I just have to give Rose one more hurrah. She was the first and by far the most loyal. Donna didn’t have a choice in the end, but it all slipped away from her and I thought it was a bit messy. (because the rest of the show isn’t, haha) Funny how we all see the same things even just a bit differently. I still haven’t fallen for Matt the way you did, amb. Though I can totally see you with him–you’d be awesome together! Who do you want to run away with, TTLiz?

      • Haha, yes, we can agree to disagree! And, ugh, I have no idea which Doctor I would choose!! I’m definitely the person who loves each Doctor equally when they’re up. I loved Nine to bits, and was super upset when 10 came in. Then I loved 10 to bits, and was super upset when 11 came in. See where I’m going with this? lol Currently, though, I’d probably have to go with 10. Because I’ve been rewatching a lot of his episodes, and 10 really is just perfection. They’re all perfection, really, but right now 10 is just a bit more perfect.

  2. What a great word, verdant. It fits so nicely after April Fools day. No pranks on this end, either giving or receiving.

    And I love Grumpy Cat…who doesn’t love that face!?!

  3. so funny. and luckily my kindergarten didn’t fully ‘get’ the concept and just tried telling jokes. so all good. now my daughters, they have done it all to me and luckily they were at their own homes this year)

    • Kindergarten jokes! Yay!! Such cuteness. What was the best one that you heard? I’m glad to hear there’s some space between you and your daughters now you’re safe from their evil plans! Muahaha!! (That was my evil laugh, in case you couldn’t tell).

      • so true, i was safe for a little while. joke sample? ‘what kind of dog loves the summer the best?’ ‘ a hot dog!’

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