Wordful Wednesday for April 9, 2014

Hey! You’re here! You came!! I’m so excited !!!

Whew. Sorry guys. What I meant to say there was,

Hi !!!

No, you’re not imagining things – there were definitely a few more exclamation points there than usual, especially for first thing in the morning. I can’t help it, I’m all flibbertigibity today, you guys! Why, you ask? Because it was 12 degrees Celsius yesterday! 12 degrees!! We’ve officially made it into double digits, and I officially have spring fever. Corporate World is buzzing this week, and I’m so busy planning the route I’m going to walk on my lunch break that I barely even notice.

Which brings us to today’s word: augury: an omen, token, or indication

In other words …

These temperatures are a sign! Spring is finally on the way and I. Cannot. Wait. Forget walking around at lunch – there are patio tables in my neighbourhood with my name on them, baby!


What are you looking forward to doing when the warm weather arrives? Tell me all about it in the Comments!

love amb

13 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for April 9, 2014

  1. Took my first run outdoors in a long while today and it was amazing. I’m always sleep deprived, but something about that fresh air gave me all sorts of energy. An augury indeed! Let me know what patio table you pick and I’ll bring lunch 🙂

    • Yeehaw! You go Liz!! That’s awesome. Anything that can give an energy boost is well worth it (says the girl who only runs from the fridge to the couch in commercial breaks so that she won’t miss an episode 😉 )

      What’s for lunch? I can’t wait !!! 🙂

    • YES !!! ALL THE THINGS !!! (Oh my goodness, do you love Allie Bosch too? Can we add that to the list?!?)

      I have forgotten what light flow-y dresses feel like without having layers underneath and cardigans overtop, and am very much looking forward to being reminded 🙂

  2. Yes to warmer weather. Our augury: our normal black asphalt road turned yellow from the trees celebrating with their debauchery. We have been temporarily transported to Oz.

    I can’t wait to plant my garden!

  3. Outdoor summer dinners and/or drinks out on the patio, mine or any bistro or sidewalk cafe – our summer evenings are fabulous – truly one of my favorite things ever. I’m ready! xoxo

    • Mine too Bon, mine too. I love being able to sit outside and enjoy good food (and good company!) and feel the sun on my skin … swoon. I’m ready, I’m ready! xoxoxox

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