The One with Amb in Advertising

Well hello there! Welcome to Tuesday. There was so much going on last week that I didn’t have a chance to tell you about all of my adventures – and you know I had adventures. It’s how I cope with the hamsters running off their wheels in Corporate World – I go a little off my wheels myself. So. Here’s a story from last week that I like to call,

The One with Amb in Advertising

My best friend is my best friend for a lot of reasons: we’ve been so close for so long that we understand each other on a soul deep, fundamental level; plus she totally understands and supports my desire to marry several different Imaginary Boyfriends within the span of a week. We grew up down the street from each other and still check in regularly in each other’s lives, so texts and emails at odd hours and last minute plans are nothing new. Which is a long way of saying that when Andrea texted me on Sunday night asking me if I was free on Monday, my answer was “you bet!” without a second thought.

It turns out that these thrown together, last minute plans involved listening to Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close speak at an event in downtown Toronto and then meeting her afterwards at a VIP champagne reception. Not too shabby, huh?

glenn close

Hi, Glenn!

Glenn was lovely in person – gracious and articulate. and charming And tiny! We were literally eye to eye when we shook hands. I managed to say hello without referring to her as Cruella DeVille or Patty Hewes (two of her more well known film and television characters) or spilling any champagne on myself, so I considered the night a win.

But you’re wondering about the “Amb in advertising” part. The event was sponsored by Pandora jewelry – there were sparkly things everywhere, you guys – and they were taking publicity photos throughout the night. And in some of those photos you can see …

… the back of my head. And the side of my best friend’s nose.

You guys! I’m famous!

Pandora sales are going to skyrocket any day now, I just know it. You’re welcome, Pandora.

love amb


27 thoughts on “The One with Amb in Advertising

    • Teeheehee – Oscar nominated actresses lucky to meet yours truly? I like the way you think Liz! πŸ˜€

      But really, thank you. That was very sweet, my friend.

  1. cool, glad you had the chance to see eye to eye with her and what wise words did you give her? perhaps something on the order of – ‘i’m a pretty big deal myself. remember this face, it will be all over. you can say you met me before i was a household name, when i was still on my way up. just did a photo spread in an ad for a little company you may have heard of, but you may not been able to afford, pandora. someday glenn, someday, if you keep up this acting thing,…’

    and we await your pandora ad, amb. your appearance will make all the difference and they will not be able to keep them in stock!

    • Oh. My. GOODNESS. This made me laugh so hard my coffee almost came out my nose. In public. Thank you for that Beth! I really needed that today (you’ll hear about why tomorrow).

  2. That’s so awesome! You are famous! Reminds me of the time Mailman’s face showed up in the background of a Nancy Pelosi speech! But where are the pics?

    And Patty Hewes is one of the scariest people I’ve ever witnessed on screen.

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