My Life as a Movie Monday: Miss Congeniality

Good morning! And welcome to the beginning of another week. How were your weekends? Did you end up taking any different roads during your travels?

Shutterbug and I did, because the highway was closed for repairs and we had to meet our parents for dinner. (See what I did there?) Other than that there was a lot of pajama pant time and yoga and dinner with friends, and traveling within my own little neighbourhood. Speaking of travels, let’s transport ourselves back through time and look at how things were last week on the blog, shall we? Last week, I:

So, last week, my life as a movie was “Miss Congeniality”

Miss Congeniality movie poster

Teeheehee. This is an oldie but a goodie, you guys. (Pop quiz: how long do you think it’s been since the film came out? Tell me in the Comments!) I may not be able to teach self-defense or play the water glasses, but if anyone threatens my friends I will totally punch them in the nose. Gracie Hart and I have a lot in common!

Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about “Before I Fall”. Bring your kleenex!

love amb

8 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie Monday: Miss Congeniality

  1. Sandra Bullock has a pretty cool sister, too 🙂 Glad if you had a good weekend. I traveled lots of roads, all of which led to fun! But you’ll especially appreciate my road tonight–got sucked into Youtube videos of Comic Con Q & A of MS and KG. He looked devilshly charmingly cute–you would swoon. Hoping more videos pop up. Next best thing to being there!

    Hope your Monday has marshmallows coming at you in some way 😀

  2. i think it has been years. am i correct? i think it’s a good mix to be and liked that movie too and totally would nose-punch anyone who messed w my peeps.

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