My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: The Listener

Good morning! I hope you’re getting a chance to get outside and enjoy this spring weather we’re (finally!) having. I, for one, am glad that things are heating up around here.

And I’m not just talking about the temperature.


Yes, it’s Thursday, which means it’s time to talk about one of my Favourite Television Shows You’ve Never Heard Of and time to introduce you to one of my Favourite  Canadian Boys You’ve Never Met. Everyone, this is Craig Olejnik. Craig, this is everyone!

Craig stars in “The Listener” as Toby Logan, a Toronto paramedic who is smart, dedicated to his job, caring … and, um, telepathic. Yes, my friends, Toby can hear your thoughts, and no, I know you’re not surprised that I watch this show one bit.

Toby “overhears” certain things when he’s called to the scene of an emergency, you see, and naturally he can’t go to the police and explain just how he happened to learn that the gunshot victim he treated was involved in a human smuggling ring in Toronto’s Chinatown neighbourhood, and naturally he decides to investigate things on his own, and naturally I end up yelling at him in my living room once a week as he continually puts his pretty, pretty face in danger.

The cases aren’t complicated or overly violent, there’s funny, natural sounding “boy” banter between Toby and his best friend Oz, and there’s some well written and surprisingly touching character development across the seasons as Toby struggles with coming to terms with his gift and sharing it with people in this life. “The Listener” is the Canadian equivalent of the USA Network’s “blue sky television” that I’ve profiled so often here before.

Plus, every once in a while there are shots of local stores where I try on vintage sweaters and scenes in coffee shops where I spend my Sunday afternoons, so it’s practically like I’m on tv, you guys.

Tomorrow we wrap up the end of the week with, as usual,  the wise words of people who sound a lot smarter than me. Hope to see you there!

love amb

10 thoughts on “My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: The Listener

  1. it’s so nice to meet you toby, and wonder if you can tell what i’m thinking…? amb, once again you are standing just on the edge of fame, just inside the shadow line, and that makes you almost famous in my book. save an autograph for me –

    • I will save you a spot on my VIP list, baby! We’re going places !!! 😀

      (Thank you for supporting my illusions of stardom with a straight face. I heart you).

  2. sounds a wee bit like psych? boy banter and all? He’s a cute one for sure. Glad they’re putting your haunts out there for all to see!

    • Definitely Psych-like! (Teeheehee!) A bit more of a drama than a comedy, but in the same vein for sure. Good call Liz! 🙂

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  4. I’ve just about crossed off all TV series with titles that fit the mold “The __”. I think the last one I genuinely followed might have been “The Gifted Man”, and that was decent but sadly cut short. [As was “The Playboy Club” which I liked aside from the excess smoking. But, that wasn’t quite the same mold as it focused on a group/era and not one person.] I used to watch “The Pretender”. But, in recent years, the British/Aussie invasion has turned me off a bit. I would give this one a chance, but the title is…dull. What’s next? The Sleeper? Hehe:P

    But, I see what you’re saying in his eyes.

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