Only in Canada, Eh?

A reblog of last year’s Canada Day post. I was going to come up with 130 more things (it’s our 147th birthday today!) but the backyard and my all-Canadian playlist (Feist… Serena Ryder… Oscar Petersen – what? I contain multitudes, you guys) is calling. I hope you’re all having sunny days and I’ll see you back here on Thursday! xo amb.

words become superfluous

Canadian flag on rocks

Happy Canada Day !!!

As promised, I’m taking a break from my very strenuous holiday schedule of hitting the golf course (I don’t play, but I look cute in golf clothes and make an excellent lucky charm if you’ve got an upcoming match) and going to the movies (hello, Henry Cavill!) to pop by with a very special post for you today.

I want to share some of my favourite things about the True North Strong and Free with you. After all, there’s a lot more to us Canucks than being able to use up all of the “u”s on our Scrabble boards! Here’s my list of the top things that Canadians can proudly take credit for. If I’ve missed any of your favourites, be sure to share them in the Comments!

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Niagara Falls (Horseshoe: the bigger side!)


RCMP Musical Ride

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police



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