Under the Covers with Paolo Nutini

So how’s this for ironic: I was totally supposed to post at The Blog of Funny Names yesterday, but was still in holiday mode and barely managed to throw something together before the end of the day; meanwhile, I’ve been wanting to talk about this musician for years, and he’s a primo BoFN candidate. (You’re welcome, Dave!)

Ok, maybe not technically for years, exactly, but I’m still in vacation mode, and feeling a little over-dramatic. Good morning everyone! To my Canadian readers, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day on Tuesday and that you’re enjoying your short work week. To everyone else, come visit me at the pocket-sized place next July 1st, and you can have a short work week too. I’m not that far north, I promise !!!

See, there I go again: vacation mode. Let’s see if we can’t rein things in a little bit with today’s calm and mellow song selection. In keeping with our earlier theme of remixing previously-created Canadian material, today we’re featuring a tune originally recorded by Canadian indie rock darlings Arcade Fire.

“Wake Up” originally by Arcade Fire, covered here by Paolo Nutini

I’ve just started getting to know Paolo’s work, based on the recommendation of a friend, and I have to say I’m liking what I’ve heard so far! What do you think of Paolo: whimsical or whiny? Tell me all about it in the Comments! And for those of you who need to start your morning with something stronger, you can check out Arcade Fire’s original, slightly more energetic, version of the song here.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone, and I’ll see you back here on Monday for a brand new edition of My Life as a Movie!

PS: Shutterbug Sis – if you’re wondering where you’ve heard this song before, it was when we saw Where the Wild Things Are. xo.

love amb

11 thoughts on “Under the Covers with Paolo Nutini

  1. Didn’t know Arcade Fire was a Canadian band–nice! Gotta say I’m not digging Paolo’s version. Since I know how the song is “supposed” to sound, I’m just wanting him to hurry up and get going already. Would like to hear him do his own thing. Could be good.

    So July 1, 2015, I’m there. Put it on the calendar 😀

  2. Happy weekend Amb!! Counting down the minutes to getting out of here for the holiday and long weekend 🙂 Summoning a little bit of vacation mode!

  3. Probably more whimsical than whiny, but I prefer the original as well.

    He’s no Robin Sparkles, that’s for sure! Now whenever I think of Canada Day, I think “I’m gonna rock your body anyway, I’m gonna rock your body til Canada Day!”

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