Kind Words

You like me, you really like me!

I’ve made some amazing online friends since I started this blog…and some of them even give me stuff! How lucky am I?!? You can check out my spoils below. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

live passionately award

Nominated by my favourite virtual roomates, Lill and Jill. Thanks ladies!

one lovely blog award

Nominated by the lovely Koco. Thanks lady!

Food stories award

Nominated by Food Stories. Thank you CJ!

Reader Appreciation Award

Nominated by Just Another Canadian Gurl. Merci my fellow Canuck!

Florence Colgate Desirability Award

Dave created this award specifically for me. I may have a bit of a blog crush on Dave. He may be a bit terrified of me.

One lovely blog award

Both Jessica and Sara Ann nominated me for this one. Thanks girls! You can find their blogs on my facebook page

Beautiful Blogger Award

Nominated by the beautiful Becca. I’m blushing!

9 thoughts on “Kind Words

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